January 05, 2006

Nervous George: Everybody gets nervous at times, but when calling up potential employers/dates/etc..., I tend to get worked up to the point of physically shivering. more inside

November 27, 2005

TPOLM Lazy Sunday Radio. Excellent live/dj streaming electronic music. Today only. ...pics of monkeys on the front page...

October 05, 2005

pallalink / from osaka, japan [via]

October 02, 2005

Strong as a Monkey -- (blurb ...in German. Attempted translation within.) more inside

September 08, 2005

Even white preachaz gotta shout. (link contains streaming video, jesus)

September 05, 2005

"A duty of love" While he would likely have preferred another date, today seems nevertheless an appropriate day to honor the socialist, union organizer, five time presidential candidate, and hero of at least one famous author: Eugene Victor Debs. (w) more inside

August 21, 2005

Addicted George: Hi, my name is stripe and I'm addicted to the internet. more inside

July 22, 2005

Rock Gods of Rock! ^_^ (via) generally SFW until the ending rock song more inside

January 25, 2004

"The Internet isn't good for that." (NYT, reg req'd) "If I'm going to try to persuade someone, I'd save it for in-person." Quite relevant, on some abstract underlying level, to most any discussion on this board, imo. MoFi manages to avoid many of the pitfalls mentioned in this article, but we'd be kidding ourselves if we thought all views felt welcome to post here, or of course even that they read this page in the first place. Is there anything else we could be doing to broaden our perspectives? more inside

January 08, 2004

The No Child Left Behind educational act being 2 years old this week, I thought it was interesting that the defence of that law was the whole focus of yesterday's State of Eductation Address. Growing pains? Or is the legislation beginning to show its true colors? more inside

January 07, 2004

Buy a domain! Anyone feel like shelling out $5-8 for a somewhat handier address? more inside