February 01, 2005

Curious George: Chicago Jeweler? Know a good Chicago-area (accessible on public transport) jeweler? more inside

March 19, 2004

Curious George: Stratocaster Action I want to lower the action on my American Fender Stratocaster. more inside

March 01, 2004

Deep-Sea Fish For years I've been wanting to see actual photos of these scary creatures. Here they are. [Via Metafilter]

February 09, 2004

The Catholic Encyclopedia Written in 1908 and hardly enlightened by today's standards, I still find this an interest resource to have around, whenever looking for the party line on issues like Angels, Demons, Transubstantiation, the Holy Sepulcre, and Masons. Also hosted (and not for the faint of heart) is the complete Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas.

February 08, 2004

The Art of Susan Kare Those of you (possibly very few) not already aware of her will be shocked at the influence she has had on your daily life. Here's an interview, too.

February 07, 2004

Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life A serialized graphic novel. With robots! Yay! It's good.

February 06, 2004

touchy-feely : sock puppet paintings. Not getting any comments over at MeFi, but these are worth a look. [via Mefi]

February 03, 2004

The Heraldic Dictionary Interesting description of the building blocks of heraldic crests. See also International Civic Arms for your hometown's / home canton's own.