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Hey everybody. I just wanted to fill you guys in on the rest of the story. I did have the diamond appraised and reset, by the very helpful and wonderful folks at H. Horwitz. Stephanie and I have been going to the same school together since kindergarten, our first class together was fourth grade, and we became best friends in high school. Our senior year, finally, we started dating. But very soon it was time for her to go to Yale and me to Chicago and we didn't really think we were going to keep things going. But we did, and four years of long distance later, here we are. The clincher was our trip through Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey last summer, and having survived that, we decided we could do anything. She knew it was coming, but wasn't sure if I could pull off a romantic plan or the whole ring thing (she thinks it's beautiful and I'm really satisfied with it). If y'all are into gory details you can read about the whole proposal thing at my blog.

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An example I've observed and someone documents here.

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I would keep Firefox around but leave Safari as the default, trampnews. As it stands it's a) faster and b) more elegant, although that will certainly change over time. As several people have pointed out, it's still essentially a windows program under the hood. Oh, and get Camino too. It's good stuff.

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what mj said

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I have learned, again, that I desperately need a haircut. Definitely wouldn't want to date police-sketch me.

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I wants me a plug-in banana.

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If we assume a person's mindset is only a matter of lineage, we've lost the Enlightenment right there. Some say (reprinted NYTimes piece) it's gone already.

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Who was in the cab of the first truck? I'm worried.

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I always found it amusing to stop halfway through the restringing process to noodle around on the emptiness. But I can't imagine paying for that privilege. And, yes, it looks like something else.

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Although I can't hide (now) that I got me a MeFi account just now, I have to say that (although I've been absent around here a lot lately) I can't imagine hanging out there the way I feel I can here. I'll remain a voyeur there, just a voyeur who can occassionally stick in something I feel is going unsaid. Here I can be, if I want, a real member of a community. Long live Monkeyfilter, and may the sun always shine on Monkeybashi our Queen. (Oh, and it's my real birthday today and my monkeybirthday in 9 days. Yay!)

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(Our one day off [out of 4 total for the year] in winter quarter is called Suicide Prevention Day by the entire College, although it's officially known as Undergraduate Break Day. But we tend to fetishize the idea that the work and life here promote certain . . . negative behaviors.)

Specific information: here at the University of Chicago, conventional wisdom holds that we have one a quarter (out of 4000 undergrads), although I haven't heard about one in what seems like over a year.

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I really enjoyed my last batch of $11/lb French Roast from Intelligentsia here in Chicago. Smooth, full of flavor, a big (and still pretty socially responsible) improvement over the organic free-trade coffee I usually buy from the local grocer.

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And this Mazda one, which lets you step through the animation.

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Never read the story before tonight. Pretty much what I was lead to expect. But not bad.

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Sort of on-topic: I've been wanting to move to Firefox for a while (from Safari), mostly because the cool kids are doing it, and what's stopped me is not the non-obvious transfer of bookmarks but the simple speed differential. Safari still performs significantly better. Is this just me?

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Yes. Yes I am.

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Vedder did Masters of War at the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert ages ago, as well. He's got it down. Excellent.

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After we spent a summer in a small town in Cyprus filled with old ladies in perpetual mourning, my girlfriend decided that she wants our (hypothetical) kids to call my mom Yaya, the affectionate title those grandmas got. (I think in Greek it's spelt Gia-gia, yielding the silly-looking Yiayia in English.) Oh, and mine were Grandmommy and Granddaddy paternally and Grandma and Grandpa paternally. But my other cousins on my mom's side called Grandmommy Geigy (pronounced GAI-gee, both hard), my oldest cousin's childhood mispronounciation. He still calls her that, even as he heads to Iraq as a recent USMA graduate. My great great aunt (lived to by 107) was known for her last 50 years as Tee, what my grandmother called her as a child, to just about everyone. I don't even know her real name, nor do I know Granny's, my great-grandmother. Nana, always what my various cousins called the Grandmother they didn't share with me, always seemed very alien. My obsession with old etiquette books reminds me that Amy Vanderbilt says that having children is often a useful end to the problem of what to call your parents-in-law, since you can just start calling them what your children call them as grandparents.

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"If you would like for us to contact you when this service is available, please email us at:" Aww, crackers.

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