In "Turkmenbashi is dead."

Oh my God!! I came out of hiding to comment in this thread! Oh Bashi Bashi Bashi!?! Who am i going to make fun of now? .

In "Self-postFilter:"

Late to the show (as usual) Lessee, I graduated with a second masters a month ago. I also organize an annual school supplies drive for under-privileged children in Ghana (and personally deliver the supplies).

In "Hurricane Rita approaches."

Since some are forecasting that it will hit Houston, what's going to happen to the NOLA evacuees in the Houston Astrodome?

In "The Debate on the Smacking Ban"

I say whup their butts...(at least the little fuckers that deserve it!) (and yeah i was whupped - and i turned out ok...)

In "Can you dig a hole to China?"

On the international date line somewhere in the ocean...which makes sense since Ghana is on the greenwich meridian.

In "Batter 'em"

Ah...Nostril's back! Now i can die happy!

In "Widdle baby panda needs a widdle baby panda name..."

I am so dying of laughter at StoryBored's comment.

In "Google has launched their IM client, Google Talk. "

I want to play address is ewurama at gmail dot com

In "In the Name of Jesus"

JC - so its wasn't the cheesemakers? Could you please then smite all them high and mighty cheesemakers in Tillamook Oregon then? Thanks much.

In "Live Music ONLY!"

For some reason after I read about this I got the Abba song "Thank you for the music" stuck in my head.

In "Curious George: Why do generic Cheerios taste so bad?"

Capn Renault, Pubix was Vitalstatistix's mistress. I should know, i was there!

In "Curious George-I have a lifesize cardboard cutout of myself"

Lawyer huh?...that explains it!!!

Capt Renault...aren't u a cop?

In "How to fuck a donkey."

Quid...but i thought I was your girlfriend?

In "Limerick"

I really dont think this is it You know petebest cannot quit With all of his versin' It's his outlet for cursin' Yeah yeah... i know this rhyme's a piece of shit!

Tenacious' milky man-juice, Is not to be mistaken with Grey Goose While the vodka is malty His emission is salty And tastes like the jism of moose.

This is one of mine (guess when it was written!!) I once had a boyfriend named Joe Who is now my bitterest foe The reason you see Is as clear as can be He dumped me for that ghastly old 'ho! and 2 more stolen ones... 2 moments in Capt. Hook's past The memories leave him aghast A visit quite vile From a Nile crocodile And the time he was wiping his ass! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx There once was a girl from South Philly Who quit Greenpeace coz she thought it was silly I said "don't worry, Gayle If you still wanna pet a whale, Just undo my zipper and free willy!"

Another oldie but goodie: 1) There were two girls from Birmingham I know a wild story concerning 'em They lifted the frock And diddled the cock Of the bishop engaged in confirming 'em. 2) Now the bishop was nobody's fool He'd been to a fine public school He lowered his britches And skewered those bitches With his 12 inch episcopal tool. 3) But that didn't startle these 2 "Why", they laughed as the bishop withdrew! "The vicar is quicker And thicker and slicker And longer and stronger than you!" Ok least not for the next few minutes!

All stolen over the years and memorized: The god Thor told the blonde he was with Who he was, hence his great monolith; She exclaimed: "You are Thor?" When they got off the floor "I'm tho thor i dont think i can pith!" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx From the depths of the crypts of St. Giles Came a scream that echoed for miles! Said the Vicar: "Good gracious! Has Father Ignatius Forgotten the Bishop has piles?!!!" xxxxxxxxxx Of all creatures that walk, swim or fly I'll take cats, though i can't tell you why. I'll not alter my course For a dog or a horse Yet for a little pussy i'd die! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx She frowned and called him Mr. Because in sport he Kr. And so in spite That very night This Mr. Kr. Sr.

In "Curious George:"

Quidnunc is pregnant.

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