December 01, 2005

Choosy Muppets Choose Roland Space Echo - the gear porn of The Muppet Show via music thing more inside

May 23, 2005

SF Author Robert Sheckley has been seriously ill in Ukraine since early this month. His medical bills there have become very high and family and friends have asked the SF Fan community if they can help financially. more inside

March 21, 2005

Turn your telly into an oscilloscope! Very cool, very dangerous. lots of big images and a small QT video, so not great for dialuppers. via the always-amazing music thing

February 03, 2005

Record rainfall creates chaos in Melbourne (bugmenot will help) In the period between 7pm 01/02/2005 and 7am 03/02/2005, 125mm of rain was dumped on metropolitan Melbourne - more in some areas. This has caused flooding and general chaos. more inside

February 02, 2005

For the synth fetishists amongst us: self described 'dancer and electronic musician' Çikira is really, really into synths. like, a lot. Her site (admittedly a little crufty on the HTML front) is chock full of studio-pr0n. Hurrah! more inside

January 27, 2005

deranged young fella makes super-KitKat (via qwghlm)

January 18, 2005

We love our lamb! A scandal is half-heartedly brewing over Meat and Livestock Australia's new pro-carnivore advertising campaign. For non-(and un-)Australian monkeys, the ads can be seen and heard here.

December 13, 2004

Fatboy Slim in three and a bit minutes performed by kittens! Oh, yes - it's real alright. This is an actual Fatboy Slim video. (for the new single 'The Joker') And it has kittens. And ducks. And trolley cars. But mostly kittens. Oh my gosh, so many kittens. more inside

December 07, 2004

Monkey Fruit Munching A monkey sits in offers and sips a can of coke in Lopburi, Thailand, Sunday Nov,28, 2004 during Monkey festival. Hooray! Lots of our furry siblings making with the monkey magic!

December 05, 2004

Insomnious, George: Although it was touched on here, i'm sitting up at 2:31 AM on a Monday, getting up for work in 5 hours, and wondering what the hell i'm doing... Are there any sure fire monkey cures for sleeplessness?

November 26, 2004

Grime and Violence so solid crew MC, Megaman has been charged with murder follwing a shooting in Tooting. Has Grime's gun talk spilled into the streets? more inside

November 24, 2004

(How) To Kill A Mockingbird (flash) t3H b3St b00k r3P0rt EVAR!!!!1 Warning! Spoily! (via the very odd memepool)

November 22, 2004

Curious, George: MoFi traditions, in-jokes and terminology? With all the subterreanean MeFi-MoFi wrangling of recent days, its been mentioned that MoFi is very much a seperate and unique community, with its very own idiom. But, what exactly are those in-jokes, running gags, traditions and so forth, as we monkeys see them? more inside

November 18, 2004

Creation Theory and Evolution should be taught side by side (obnoxious reg. possibly required) This is a daily debate in the US, I know, but rare here in Oz - our fledgling Christian Values political party is advocating that Creation Science be taught side by side with Evolution. more inside

November 17, 2004

Curious, George: T Shirt Printing? I'm vaguely wondering about a t shirt promo-type-arrangement for my little old netlabel (no gratuitous self-link, it's noted in my profile for any monkey that wants to see) but I know that cafepress can't do exciting things like print on black - which essential for an experimental electronica label, i reckon! more inside

November 10, 2004

The Call of Cthulhu movie The loons at The Howard Philips Lovecraft Historical Society are making a film version of HPL's infamous tale. (a follow-up to this thread) more inside

October 26, 2004

if you like this, you'll like that! Ever loved a book or story, and been unable to find another quite like it? more inside

October 19, 2004

Curious, George: What's it all about? I'm sure this has been asked before, but what keeps us monkeys going? Do we (as individuals) have faith (big or little 'f'), or love, or ambition, or what is it? more inside

October 15, 2004

They will not like you... (obnoxious registration required - try bugmenot) A 10-country survey by Canada's La Presse has found that world attitudes towards the United States and particularly the incumbent President, George W. Bush, have soured significantly. How do USian monkeys feel about this? Do you mind, or even care?

October 11, 2004

Lyrical, George: Monkey Music Monday Madness! Grime (Warning! 2x large mp3s), a groundswell of tech-savvy, "urban" music producers, centered in East London (where it's called Grime) and South London (Dubstep). Since the release of Dizzee Rascal's Boy In Da Corner Grime blew up worldwide throughout 2003, with its blend of heavy square-wave basslines, hardcore drums, mobile phone ringtones, and manic mc'ing. more inside