March 19, 2007

Pet Food Recall This is probably just for USian pets, but Menu Foods Income Fund, which is apparently the name of a pet food manufacturer that contracts for many different brands has recalled a large number of dog & cat foods. Visit the list to make sure you don't have any in your pantry. This is also probably as good a time as any to remind you that your dog wants steak.

October 21, 2004

Slap the Candidate! Friday Thursday Flash fun. Simple & to the point. Enjoy!

October 15, 2004

BBS Baby! Gather 'round kids . . . Let me tell you about a magical time . . a time before the Internet . . when g33kz gathered in each other's homes remotely via a Bulletin Board System . . . more inside
Music Plasma enter your favorite band/musician - get a visual representation of influences & related musicians. Cool S^#%!

October 13, 2004

Semantic Simian Savannah Sharpen your sense of the surreal and strangle strange sentence structures simultaneously!

October 11, 2004

The Goodwill Diary Need to procrastinate? Here's your answer.

October 08, 2004

Vote in Fear. A quicktime movie of condensed GOP convention speeches showing the thrust of the event - be very afraid. And vote Bush. George Lakoff theorizes that conservatives are motivated by fear, and this would certainly play to that. more inside

October 06, 2004

Bush suckers cable news into carrying a campaign speech. The White House described it as a significant speech on terrorism and the economy. It wasn't - it was a campaign speech carried in full on the 24-hour cable news networks. more inside
Dog of the Day! Bookmark it. Enjoy life each day for at least 30 seconds.

October 04, 2004

Don't Forget Poland! Long Live Poland! more inside

October 01, 2004

Justice Scalia: "I even take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged." All Monkeys in the Hot Tub! more inside

September 29, 2004

American Presidential Debates! Ha! Ha!

September 24, 2004

Campaign Desk. The Columbia Journalism Review has a de-spin site that tackles the latest slugfests in the American Presidential Appointment. Election. Whatever. It's very good and seems to be very even-handed. I just couldn't keep it a secret any longer . . .

September 23, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rutles!

September 09, 2004

Rolling Stone: The Curse of Dick Cheney Before you tell someone else to "Go [expletive deleted] yourself", brush up on your Dick.

September 08, 2004

Kitty Kelley's book says Bush took cocaine at Camp David Allegations of values and true moral leadership. more inside

September 02, 2004

Zell Goes Nuts. Zell Miller, a lifelong "Democrat" gives the keynote speech at the RNC and basically calls Kerry a homosexual communist child-molester. Then he gets a bit nutty with the host of "Hardball". Discuss. more inside

August 26, 2004

Today Linux, Tomorrow Ze Vorld! flash anim. SFW. Please tip your servers.

August 25, 2004

MetaFilter's down again. more inside

August 19, 2004

Bear guzzles 36 beers, passes out at campground
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