November 26, 2007

Curious George: What should we call the band? Me and my two buddies have started a band. What should we call it? Your suggestions may be put forward at the next rehearsal. more inside

August 31, 2007

Them crazy b3ta kids make posters for films about monkeys Bless 'em. I was a lurker there for a while.

August 21, 2007

Artist uses 3D models of veg to create Giger's Alien And why not? Who hasn't used their fried eggs and sausage to make a face on their plate - before gouging the eyes and letting the juices flow? Just like the clever Giuseppe Arcimboldo used to do. But beware! Food art can be terrifying to children! And adults! Who's seen House Of Wax? Welcome to the House of Chocolate!

July 09, 2007

Exhibition of William Heath Robinson cartoons. Rube Goldberg has been covered here, and has inspired many people to create their own versions for fun and profit. Games have been inspired by him, and games have been used to create virtual Rube Goldberg machines. more inside

March 09, 2007

Kurious English George Coming To America 27/Mar-3/Apr I'm going to be in Los Angeles 27 March - 3 April 2007, and I'd love to meet the LA Monkeys. Never been before, so when, where, how? I'm visiting a friend who lives near the Dodgers Stadium.

February 06, 2007

Letter bomb sent to London Congestion Charge Office. And I've just heard that another letter bomb has been sent to the offices of Vantis in Wokingham, a company apparently involved in speed cameras. 'Captain Gatso', the head of Motorists Against Detection, has denied responsibility, although he said, "there is a war against motorists, and this was an act of retaliation". Official activities like the Congestion Charge divide opinion in London. More unpopular are poorly regulated clamping and towing companies - but at least there's a solution for that. But watch out libertarian motorists, along with your god, Jeremy Clarkson, George Monbiot is on your case! more inside

December 01, 2006

London Mail Rail: 75 years of underground letters. more inside

November 17, 2006

Late Night Leonids May Disappoint This years Leonid meteor shower may not be all that great, science tells us. And it peaks at 5am. more inside

November 03, 2006

Curious George: Earmarking Savings? Do monkeys know of any way to reserve or 'earmark' a portion of a savings or current/checking account for a particular purpose? Apart from setting up multiple accounts, of course. more inside

July 14, 2006

Rockfall from the Eiger A huge slab of rock has broken away from the Eiger in Grindelwald, Switzerland, (where I once bought a Swiss Army knife). News sources don't agree how many Empire State Buildings have fallen (some say half, some say two), but a formation called the Madonna has collapsed already (an omen!) It has been suggested that climate change is the cause, with glacial meltwater weakening the rock. More falls are expected. More news.

July 07, 2006

2 minutes silence in London We stood for 2 minutes, while the red buses stopped and the rain fell. Passing tourists wondered why we were all standing outside, then you saw the realisation on their faces. I'm currently working for The Tube, and many of my colleagues were involved last year. Everyone seems very calm. more inside

May 31, 2006

Link Wikipedia and Google Maps Put a pin in a Google Map, and link it to a Wikipedia entry. more inside

April 20, 2006

Animal researchers start petition to allow 'silent majority' to support them. "The People's Petition" allows you to register your support for animal research in the UK.
It's a campaign for people who believe that this research, carried out under stringent animal welfare standards, is essential to the health and quality of life of humans and animals.
more inside

March 27, 2006

Curious George: Hosting my own web site, kind of. I'm creating a website for a family friend's business. Very simple, just several pages of information and downloadable CVs (Resumes). I'm using PHP to reduce the workload, by running EasyPHP on my Windows XP SP2 machine. This is an easy way to install and run Apache, PHP and MySQL. I'm on ADSL, with no router, just a USB modem. I need my customer to look at the site and give me comments on the design. They don't live nearby, so I want to be able to give them an IP address, and then they can look at the site live on my machine. How do I set up Apache, the firewall and so on? Security is important. Does anyone know of a better way of letting them see it?

January 03, 2006

Curious George: How long does exposed 35mm film last? A few weeks ago, when clearing out my late father's stuff, I found a metal 35mm film canister. This has a screw cap labelled 'ILFORD Refill - open in darkroom'. I opened it (nothing to lose) and found what appears to be an exposed roll of 35mm film in it's cartridge. I assume it's exposed, because it doesn't have a 'tail' of film hanging out. The film itself is labelled 'ADOX KB 17 PANCHRO 17/10deg DIN, 32 ASA, 28deg SCH.' with a big '20' and 'made in Germany'. I suspect it dates from the early 1960's. What do photograpic MoFites suggest? Is it worth taking it to be developed? Would it be perished and unusable? I know nothing of these (and many other) things.

August 09, 2005

Curious George-I have a lifesize cardboard cutout of myself ... wearing a tuxedo and striking a gameshow-host pose. It is cluttering up the flat, so I need suggestions as to what to do with it. I feel it needs a spectacular send-off. more inside

August 08, 2005

Curious George: Uses for a very old laptop I know this is a common kind of thing that crops up, but I have a Digital Hinote Ultra 2000 laptop (2 of them in fact), each with a 100MB hard drive, and a P1 166MMX processor. What could I do with them? Is there anything I can do to make them useable? more inside