In "SVG is the Future of Web Application Development."

I love me some SVG. Inkscape on Linux uses it as the native file format.

In "Glass models of tiny aquatic creatures "

honestly, why do my old drawers never contain anything so facinating?

In "A Meyer Whedon crossover I can get behind."

What middleclasstool said, especially regarding Romero. 'Night...' was about civil rights, 'Dawn...' was about consumerism, 'Day...' was about science and the military, 'Land...' was about paying Dennis Hopper's mortgage, and 'Diary...' was about the sheer horror of student film projects.

In "The natural order of things."

My natural order of things is to put The Spectator in the bin.

In "An artistic bent(o)"

I had an Return of the Jedi Thermos Roughneck flask, and Mum would put hot chocolate in it. I came home one June day, it was the end of school for the year. I threw my school bag under my bed. That September my Mum was getting my lunch ready for the new term. She asked where my flask was...

In "A Meyer Whedon crossover I can get behind."

The zombie attraction is about the relentlessness for me. Battle of Yonkers!

hehe "glorified syringe" That said, I don't recall Twilight having a musical episode, so chalk one up for that.

In "A new Grow!"

Did after 6 goes! I love these.

In "Hypothetically, what would happen if you combined Doctor Who, Eminem and Benny Hill?"

Chump Manbear at 0:29! And at 1:47! I feel like I'm having a baby.

In "Hypothetically, what would happen if you combined ghost nurses, NSFW content (you have been warned),"

That bear is talking all twisty.

In "Japanese Government Banning Used School Girl Pantie Vending Machines."

"burning questions"

In "How to Memorize Scripts"

I used several methods, increasing in franticness as curtain night approached. 1. Highlight lines 2. Get annoyed when lines get cut, because crossing out highlighting is ugly. 3. Record yourself reading lines, listen during commute (this was in my minidisc days) 4. steal a notebook from work, and write lines from memory again and again, checking for correctness from time to time. 5 (and best). get a colleague to make you repeat speeches until you GET. IT. RIGHT. NO. Do it AGAIN.

In "An artistic bent(o)"

These are really pretty, although all that pink meat being manipulated makes me a bit queasy.

In "93 year old man freezes to death inside his own home."

Vicious grasping swine. I always made sure my elderly neighbour was still going by listening for him swearing at the horse racing on TV.

In "Smile for the Camera, Chimpy!"

Mmm, Volga. Very interesting interviews and photos. Time to sell the ranch, W. (and I don't mean take over Paul Newman's dressig company)

In "Planet Harddrive."

Fascinating! And cool old graphics as well. I can hear the voiceover now. It reminds me of Stross's talk about using diamond as a storage medium, where sixty kg of artificial diamond could store the collected works of the human race, including our memories.

In "Name That Disease!"

I got me a Hawkeye too. The cities one killed me though.

In "Curious George and his Ethnic Porn Collection."

UK porn - really bad headboards, and a habit of breaking the mood by saying sexy stuff in a Yorkshire accent.

In "Let's"

sounds like one heck of a meetup. sad I couldn't delay my departure any more! Nerdy highlights for me: * Alnedra's laptop (I've got one in black) * Flashboy's QRCode tshirt - want! (empty if possible) (and with the code changed)

Yes, it would have had have possible definitely had to have been great to see Alnedra and all. Wah! And presents! gosh-flipping-darn-it!

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