In "I miss Monica"

And all bush had was his little male prostitute. . .

In "Curious George: Blacklight photography with a digital camera"

The UV filter! This is one of those 'ah-ha' moments. I'm at work now but as soon as it gets dark tonight I'm going to try shooting again with the UV filter removed. Gee I'm glad I have Monkeyfilter. . .

I have a Nikon D70 that has the light sensitivity set to flourescent 'cause that's the kind of light I'm using. F stop is 3.5 and shutter speed is 1.6 seconds so there's no problem drinking in the light, the kicker is getting the scene that I'm seeing with the naked eye to appear on digital film.

The photos themselves aren't blurring, they just aren't showing the illuminated, greenish. . . stuff. It just looks like a regular photograph only with purple light. As far as cat urine vs. human urine, I found out about the blacklight thing over at Me-Fi and tested it out last night on both human and cat; human was definitly more vivid, cat urine still stood out but not as brightly. Diet or careful aim on the cat's part? Who knows. . . I'm checking out the info on the CSI link, pretty interesting. Perhaps going with a slower shutter speed will do the trick, although right now it's pretty slowish.

In "Photo Essay: The Evolution of the Bikini"

So the original 1946 model required a man to hold the top on for you? Interesting concept. posted by Plegmund at 11:19AM UTC on July 30, 2006 Yes, unfortunately it had to be a flamboyantly gay Frechman with a pencil mustache, which really hindered sales. -- briank -- ----------- But how did they get the flamboyantly gay frenchman in that tiny little box? Did they perhaps dehydrate them? Issue one to each customer as they walked out the door? Inquiring minds want to know. . .

In "Mexican election rigged?"

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, whether mexicans accept their rigged and broken electoral system the way 'muricans accept theirs. Oh look, sale at Macys! The day 'consumers' start demanding they be addressed as citizens again in this country will be an unusual one indeed.

In ""You have really wierd dreams when you pass out""

I did 4 G's in a sailplane over the Mojave desert many moons ago. Loops, dives, etc. This guy did something like 7 + (according to him. Fun fun fun till daddy takes the consciousness away...

In "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"

This is one of my all time favorite albums ever, I discovered it back when it was brand new. My friends couldn't make heads or tails out of it, but then again they were hicks in a small town. I knew though, oh I just *knew* this album would change everything for everyone. Now look at us! I didn't even bother to check when it was coming out before rushing out to my record store just now to get the newer version. Only after I arrived and found the bin vacant did I found out 'not until April 11th.' Damn! ! ! Well, I still have the original, so I can listen to that until then. . .

In "Snakes. On a plane."

Cats in a house?

In "A Photographer and his Dog."

great post pete, here's a big hats off to pet photographers and the pets they photograph everywhere! And you know who you are.

In "Bloody Hell!"

well, it's perfectly obvious to me anyway, women have always held the key to the advancement of the human race, no reason why they shouldn't be able to make more than a few bucks off the whole endeavor, unite and take over the male-dominated world. I, for one welcome our new feminine overlords.

In "Democrats"

At the risk of sounding to 'me too', I agree with petebest, we need the dems (bukake party) to get off their knees, wipe their chin and start acting like a damned *opposition party* instead of enabling housewives to a tyranical, abusive husband. Until we start getting these lickspittles to develop some sack and get rid of the damn, rigged electronic voting machines and go back to paper ballots (no electronics or computers means *no electronics and computers, *screw* that 'Oh, it'll be okay if it prints a receipt.' crap. Until that happens, this country is a hypocrisy of itself and everything it states that it stands for, yet with it's actions proves it is very clearly against.

In "You: Gorgeous. Me: A Gamer..."

What, you didn't like my little attempt at re-kindling that possible flame with that someone in a bar somewhere on Queen Anne that may remain nameless unless she responds, in which case she might possibly (if she plays her cards right, and buys me many gin and tonics, become ms. mk1gti?) Jus' kiddin'.

In "Have you ever seen a robot mule"

Some things to consider about robo-pooch. If it's powered by a two-stroke engine it's going to need to carry it's own fuel supply. If it's not muffled, it's going to give away any troop's position that's using it. If it has fuel on board, either in it's fuel tank or carrying it's own fuel (do you think the troops should have to do this?), once the shooting starts and that thing's hit, it could blow up further endangering the troops safety. Interesting idea, I just don't see any real purpose for it in a combat environment. In conclusion re the 'ain't it cute' angle, imagine that thing mounting a machine gun, shotgun, turret-mounted weapon and it's chasing you down in your small third-world country. Seem cute now? I didn't think so.

In "Dear Kind Sir, I am writing to you from Nigeria"

If you help me to help the Nigerians, I promise to help them help you to realize a potential profit of millions of dollars. Potentially. Now send me a sammich!

In "Donk! The JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank! [@]"

I don't know, did you see the size of that thing? It's tiny! A really decent Badonkadonk would be three times that size. Now *thats* a Badonkadonk!

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my dad is the former prez of a retirement home/airstream community where one of the requirements is you have an airstream parked in the drive. His has a flat screen TV, microwave oven, satellite TV dish, queen size bed, etc. etc. Yeah, Airstream is still in bid-ness and they are pimping it in a major way. As for me, I'm a tent campin' kinda guy. But I do give these kinda setups a sidelong glance every now and then...

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On The Economist as a choice for a magazine, I was reading it about ten years ago (still reading it today) and some of the predictions they were making for the economy, politics, etc. were somewhat bleak. They were talking about where american politics would be ten years from now, the russian economy, how China would develop. So here we are ten years later and. . . They totally nailed it. It's like looking into a freakin' crystal ball. Highly recommended.

Dwell magazine and Wallpaper are pretty good design and architecture magazines, always a good time to be found between the pages when looking for a change.

In "Captain Godfrey Rodrigues teaches us Correct Posture"

I, for one feel terribly sorry for Captain Rodriguez, having to live with that stiff metal rod up his toucus for the rest of his natural life after his 'war injury'. Heavens man, get that thing *out* of there!

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