July 19, 2006

How I create My Space on the Web? Curious George : Wife has just given birth to a gorgeous little girl and of course the 1st thing I do is register her name as a .com. Thinking I'll post photo's, progress reports etc on there. But what do I do now to actually get a website up and running and pointed at this address? Instructions for an idiot please.

November 17, 2004

Curious George : or more like Help me please George : Suddenly when playing DVDs on my laptop, the sound and picture are not in synch. When looking at Task Manager the CPU usage is permanantly at 100%, the DVD process seems to be taking up all of the spare resource. I use InterVideo WINDVD 4. Please help, I work away a lot and watch a hell of a lot of DVDs on the laptop.

June 28, 2004

Google : A proposal to help fight deceptive Internet software Google attempts to draft some rules for those things they describe as deceptive softwar, but the rest of us call spyware. Is this a case of the kettle calling the pot black? more inside

June 16, 2004

Build it and they will come? Having just come back from Dubai on holiday, which I would recommend to anyone. I was amazed at the massive development work that is currently on-going. You've got The Palm, The World. Also being built is a massive theme park Dubailand, incorporating it's very own indoor ski slope. But that's not all, there's also the Jumeriah Beach Residence, Arabian Ranches and the Burj Dubai (the worlds tallest tower), to name but a few of the projects currently on the go.

May 27, 2004

On-line Forums - which one? Curious George : When I'm not devouring the threads on MoFi, or waiting for the MeFi to come back on-line, I manage a sizeable database. I've been looking at ways of communicating better with the userbase (approx 500) and encouraging them to share best practice amongst themselves. An on-line forum seems to be a sensible way forward, I've seen Yahoo Groups and it seems to fit the bill, BUT under their Terms and conditions they own all of the information posted to the forum. Does anyone know of any other forum hosting sites or even have any experience of hosting on their own server with some off-the-shelf application,

April 15, 2004

Who's the daddy So Amazon launches it's new Search Engine. Playing around with it, noticed that if you hover over the site info button, it shows you the traffic rank for the site. So who's the daddy? more inside

April 03, 2004

Budding Track Designers With the 1st Middle East located Formula 1 Grand Prix being held in Bahrainthis weekend. Build your own track and then emulate Schumacher.

February 06, 2004

Curious George Follow up on this Question. I'm trying to create ten second samples of the beginning of songs. [more inside] more inside

January 25, 2004

Curious George : I've been asked to host a quiz night at work. I've had a trawl through the net, starting at the usual place. Was wondering if any Monkeys had idea's for categories etc.

January 06, 2004

The Times is now available as an e-paper to those outside the UK. more inside

December 03, 2003

Crawling towards christmas Came across this when planning christmas drinks for the team at work. Also in the past I've done the Monopoly. more inside

December 01, 2003

Help for the helpless As someone new to this whole posting lark. I don't know how to do all of the fancy stuff when creating a front page post or comment within a post [More inside]