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Cheers for the replies so far. Dreamhost looks good, I take it they'd have no problems with accepting a UK payment card.

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Nothing to add to the post unfortunately, but am heading to Cuba on honeymoon in April, so any tips will also be greatly recieved here.

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1 XL for me - paypal

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I'll join the multide of Monkeys in admitting that I dove straight in and coughed up the £2.74 or something to get a Mefi account, mainly so that i can actually comment instead of having to shout at the screen when I know the best answer to the AskMefi questions. Still a monkey at heart though.

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DMA is enabled - but still having problems. Run a full Adaware scan & Norton virus check and also still having problems.

Had a look on Task Manager, WinDVD.exe is the process hogging all the resource. Also tried playing DVDs via Realplayer. Hit the same problem. Don't seem to have InCD on the list. Thanks for trying though.

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Darshon : Mr Welller is still looking exceedingly cool.

Couple from me, was in Berlin this weekend, ended up drinking having a drink with Paul Weller (well sitting at the same table whilst we both drank). Also when much younger, got introduced to Prince Charles.

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1st up, congrats to #1 (and of course #2) As a monkey in the low hundreds (#144), I've checked this site everyday since joining, but have only posted 3 or 4 times and maybe commented about a dozen times (you other guys just say it all before I get there). So I'd be averse to the killing of accounts that hadn't contributed for a period. Think the delegation of #1's powers to a number of users may be the best way forward.

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Whilst following a link on the other site I noticed that Adidas is listed as an Official Supporter. Do you think they're pleased that the design for the medal is dominated by the image of a greek goddess. Bet they're thinking 'did they have to use Nike'.

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Count me in. Ipod is a great idea. Also think the Postcard from everyone's home town is a great idea as well - would be amazing to suddenly get so much post that's not bills and the like.

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Coming in late, but : The Stand - Stephen King (read when I was but a small child, but still re-read) One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Ken Kesey (only book to ever make me cry on the tube. V embarrassing. If you

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Does this count as a Double. :-) (big smiley faces)

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Coincidentally seeing a photographer for my wedding this evening, he's is now so going to get the 3rd degree on everything mentioned in this thread, Thanks a lot all.

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Thanks Alnedra, , I'll keep an eye out for the invite. Drink's if you ever stop by London. Does anyone know how long the invites take to arrive? I'm an eager beaver :-)

Alnedra, still sitting here freezing in the cold, would love an invite into the warmth. Much Appreciated

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If you were in the UK and you bought a rail ticket, the details of the transaction would end up in my DB. So as I said V boring. Though I am now thinking how a He Hell would be different to a She hell

Sidedish, very boring. It's a transaction based DB, holds about 4-500 million transactions in it at any one time.

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Coincidentally picking up my new car on Saturday. BMW 3 series, will have to tell the girlfriend that standards need to be kept up.....

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V. Good. I'd just this morning downloaded Manic Miner onto my mobile - about a 50k download!!!!

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