In "Best use of bananas in a music video."

Here's monkeylion's link in (hopefully) linky clicky form.

Oh, and don't miss the dancer's expression at about 00:40, right after he kisses her.

In "Santa Claus website problems."

Merry post-post-Christmas to all...

In "Turkmenbashi is dead."

It's truly a sad day for the whole world.

In "East Village style in the 80's: interview and photo gallery. "

Amy Arbus is Diane Arbus's daughter. Great link, by the way.

In "The lost sheep"

Thanks for reminding me of this rare and deeply moving treasure, AskMe. You're welcome. Well, at least I'm the person who asked about it, though not the one who identified it.

In "Belgian Farting Pig."

"for got"? I guess I forgot to preview...

You for got: 6. Singing, dancing chickens.

In "Imagination"

Eerily addictive...

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According to boingboing, that's stolen directly from here.

In "Curious George and his Bad Jokes."

Arrr, it's driving me nuts And that's the second-funniest joke ever. In case you were wondering.

I'm a frayed knot That's not a bad joke. That's the funniest joke ever.

In "Fuck yeah!"

That's some fucked up shit.

In "Ivor Cutler has passed away at age 83."

Very sad. For a quick intro, listen to "If your breasts..." from here. Oh, and: .

In "MoFi CDX V:"

If we could find a couple of other people to participate, I wouldn't mind doing a mini-exchange...

I usually don't have themes in my mixes (I try to just do things that sound right together), but maybe a theme would be an interesting challenge...

I've missed the signup date again, haven't I? (sigh)

In "Best band name ever!"

And there's plenty more on the canonical list of weird band names.

In "Google FEMA"

Firefighters to hand out fliers with a phone number, to people who don't have phones. And if you manage to call the number, they'll mail you a claim form to your now-nonexistent address.

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Wait, I'm sure I sent my info to MFpb 2 21, but I'm not on the list. (pout)

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