March 29, 2006

Visit the city of Urville. Except you can't -- at least, not physically. The city exists only on paper, and in the mind of the it's 34 year-old creator, Gilles Tréhin. He has been diagnosed with autism by some doctors, with Asperger's Syndrome by others. more inside

October 18, 2005

Curious George: Keeping my wife warm! With the cooler weather a-coming, and the energy prices a-rising, the woman has tasked me with sealing up the drafty house. more inside

March 02, 2005

ChoicePoint, Part II Continuing the earlier FPP about this, the LA Times (and others) have uncovered that the same thing happened to ChoicePoint 5 years ago. more inside

February 27, 2005

Great Weekend Timewaster The instructions are in Japanese, but the game is pretty simple. [direct link to Flash file] more inside

February 07, 2005

For this man, ignorance could be bliss... or at least worth $90,000. A Florida man is suing Bank of America for $90k because of a wire-transfer from his account that he never authorized. The transaction was made through BofA's online banking portal, and it seems that the plantiff is claming that a computer virus allowed someone to remotely administrate his machine. His reason for litigation? BofA was negligent and failed to protect him from known risks with online banking. His suit includes "breach of contract, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and deceit, and intentional misrepresentation". more inside

January 27, 2005

Let me be the first to refer to them as... Moan Tones. This is, quite possibly, the 4th most awesome thing... ever.

January 25, 2005

Curious George: What the funk? In a continuation of the previous question on this topic, I present you with the following: I have a new cube neighbor, who likes to wear purfume. Lots and lots of purfume. To the point where I can see the vapors rolling out of her cube. more inside

October 21, 2004

Dana Reeve, widow of Christopher Reeve is endorsing Kerry for his stance on medical research. Since the death of Christopher Reeve on Oct 10th, Dana and her family have been privately grieving. "My inclination would be to remain private for a good long while," she said. "But I came here today in support of John Kerry because this is so important. This is what Chris wanted."

October 19, 2004

Curious George: To pee or not to pee. What is the proper restroom etiquette regarding the handicapped stall? more inside

August 06, 2004

2 guys, a "sniper" rifle, and your Bluetooth-enabled phone. This is easily the most awesome-est thing that I have read all morning. Two guys add a yagi (a type of directional antenna) to a sniper rifle, and are able to capture data from the cell phone more than 1 mile away. more inside

June 18, 2004

[ ..... ] There... are... no... words Wow. Wowie wow wow wow. more inside

May 14, 2004

Huh? Bwahahahaaahahahahah! I know that I've fallen victim to a couple of hoaxes in the past, but I couldn't resist this one.... more inside

April 28, 2004

OTOFTC , a.k.a. Operation Take One For The Country, is a "virtual organization" made up of like-minded women, "We believe US service men and women deserve our support and we are willing to make caring choices about making them happy". SO TO SPEAK! < stands and salutes, and hands all of the like-minded women a banana > more inside

April 19, 2004

How AT&T failed at Local Number Portability Also know as, What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong. more inside

April 12, 2004

Sniper rifle launches GPS chips for tracking A Danish company has announced a new non-lethal sniper rifle -- instead of firing bullets, it fires a projectile loaded with a GPS tracking chip. It can be used for "tagging" people, who can later be tracked down and arrested for crimes. Anyone else get the heebie-jeebies? Via Slashdot

March 18, 2004

Intolerance in TN, news at 11 Rhea County (Tennesse) commisioners plan to amend state law to allow said county to charge homosexuals with crimes against nature. more inside

March 06, 2004

How does 4000 frames per second sound to you? Sounds mighty fine to me. more inside

February 24, 2004

Suin' the WNBA Man sues WNBA after being denied a try-out, then insults the female players. Amazonian-style beat-down to ensue. more inside

February 17, 2004

The war on drugs Success or failure? more inside

February 04, 2004

Monkey sperm alert Science has finally seen the light -- the fact that monkeys willl rule the world. more inside