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As it stands, the need to dual-boot and the file system incompatibilities make it pretty difficult to pass data from one system to the other. From an article I read this morning, you can share data between the two operating systems. During the XP install process, it would be necessary to format the partition in FAT format instead of NTFS. Sure, you lose all of the benefits of NTFS, but you have access to all of your data. douggles - can you confirm? Did you format with FAT or NTFS?

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I don't think that we should limit this to just your own cultures culinary tale of woe. We should all be able to poke the mysterious goo that makes up the global food scene. Scotland: haggis (never had it, but I find myself somehow hesitant to ingest something that itself is packaged in a stomach) Japan: natto. Also, I'm not sure what the proper name is, but you can find it in some ramen recipes... for lack of a better word, fish bologna. It's got a whitish center with a pinkish ring around the outside. It's just creepy. US: potted meat food product. I've had it (voluntarily), and can attest, that shit ain't right.

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Shatner is a god. Not like that silly Christian 3-in-1 thing, I'm talking the whole Greek, Roman (pretty much the same ones), Norse, Indian (Native American and Eastern), Chinese, Japanese, and Mayan pantheons rolled into one man. He should run for office. I would be proud to have a President Shatner (which wouldn't happen until they add a constitutional amendment repealing part of Article 2 of the U.S. Consitution).

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Heh... manscaping.

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I met him at another booksigning at the same store. Very nice guy. I had a long time to talk to him, as he was wrapping up a 3 hour event. The best part of the coversation was when he jokingly chided me for referring to TOS as "The Old Series" instead of "The Original Series". He even called me Captain Kirk. It was AWESOME.

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Sorry, she was 81. It was Feb '94. I just looked at her autobiography.

arch1 - I think she did find it difficult... I remember later reading that she never wanted the spotlight or the attention that she received. She accepted it because she thought it had to be done. Someone had to take the stand, and she felt that everyone had chosen her as the representative. I met her when she was 71, and she looked like she could barely lift a grandchild, let alone a international cause.

I met her at a bookstore I worked at in Los Angeles, when she did a booksigning back in 1993/4. I was amazed by her... this tiny little woman, who might have said about a dozen quiet words to anyone other than the people she was signing books for. I still have the book she signed for me, as well as a photograph of the bookstore staff with her. Quite an amazing woman. .

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< eyes bernockle suspiciously > I've been wondering who's been keeping my wife warm while she claims that she's at "school". Wait right there... I'ma gonna git my shotgun!

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I'm admittedly biased towards the guys from Penny Arcade as a thrice-a-week reader for years. I made a donation for the first Child's Play charity drive, which is an awesome endeavor for two self-professed assholes, and made me feel awesome. Especially with the daily photo updates and commentary (i.e., Day 2 - so all of the stuff that we've received won't fit in the garage anymore... we're going to rent a large storage space! Day 4 - the storage space is full. But we found a local wherehouse that's letting us use some of their empty space! Day 7 - the wherehouse is full!). I'm astounded by the rantings and ravings of J.T. I can't help picturing him as a raving loon, foaming at the mouth while he types out his rants.

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Yeah, I know the "proper" term is metric fuckton, but I was feeling a bit funky last night. Possibly why I neglected to mention that I had googled this. I had incorrectly assumed that a Curious George post would have been proceeded by a good googling, and the post was more of a "how would you do this" rather than a "I'm too lazy/busy/clueless to find this out on my own".

Thanks for the info... I did google it, and came back with a metric funkton of results. I was looking to see if the monkeys had found anything that they would consider reliable.

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Tracicle - No food shop, at least not one that I remember. Huzzah! Thanks to Google Local, I have confirmed the name of the establishment to be Cock N Bull!

There was an awesome British pub in Santa Monica where I used to sometimes go to watch football on Sundays... nothing like bangers and mash or fish n' chips for Sunday brunch. I wish I could remember the name of it... it was on Lincoln between Rose and Ocean Park. For some reason, I can only think of the name Cock and Bull.

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Okay, someone needs a snipping. I think both of them, so they can't go off with someone else. All things being equal, I'm glad that they seem to be able to provide a loving and stable environment to raise their gaggle o' kids. But just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD!!!!

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And sorry to hear about your bikes... I'm not really an insensitive ass, I just play one on MonkeyFilter.

It's a little ironic that Krypotnite compiled the list...? They are the bike lock company with a lock that could be picked with a Bic disposable pen!

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I remember watching this episode and loving it. This episode (along with the Take Me Out to the Holosuite, season 7) really showed how versitile the show was.

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I can attest to the fact that El Torito had karao-ke on Cinco De Mayo (or Tres de Mayo if el cinco is on el Monday). And that strip clubs in LA have tvs showing hardcore porn.

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