May 16, 2006

For those who enjoy a challenge of definitons Simply a verbal intelligence test - more challenging than most it seems although that may only be my perspective. more inside

March 21, 2006

Curious George, what is the new middle aged? Curiouser and curiouser. Have spent a lot of my day dealing with women i know are in there 50's and being very unkind about their obvious plastic surgery......(not so unkind about their obvious attraction to very attractive and available younger men.....) I am curious - when i was 25 i thought i would bew asking this question at around 35 or so find myself at 39 and still asking when is middle age in the general view - obviously i am pushing it as far back as possible but simpered endearingly when told i not a day over 32 today!!!!! *secret gloat laugh and know totally untrue!* Just wondered when it hit - for me childless and unmarried although partner3d - does ths make a difference as well? more inside

March 08, 2006

One topic two sideswipes Is it wrong to be slow to anger? more inside

February 17, 2006

Adultery? Just been wandering tonight - it seems there is a whole industry devoted to this - how to fix - how to find out if it is your partner etc. If you chose to follow the link you will find the inevitable christian guidance and porn sites - but i was just wondering??? (Oh and the hard boiled detective novel developing in another thread also caused this!!) more inside

January 12, 2006

Curious George I guess anyone who owns or is owned by one knows that they run the household and anybody who has shared with a cat knows that reading a newspaper is impossible! You can only read the bits in the paper that the cat doesn't lie on - has anybody elses feline (or other pet) adapted to the computer thing - i mean my personal feline hell now knows exactly where to lie so the optical mouse doesn't work - oh or how to 'help' me type if she feels so inclined (and no distractions of favourite toy etc do not work!) more inside

December 19, 2005

Bitter or funny Christmas songs Vixen's revenge - all I can say is Go Boy! Requires download ( I could not find a direct play version) more inside

December 05, 2005

Should all men be treated as paedophiles by default? Some airlines appear to think so. more inside