In "God is Imaginary."

smote smite smitten - would the wrathful tubals have anything to do with the vase that hectored me?

In "Ticke-Me Elmo X"

Welcome 'The Exorcist' it is possessed!

In "Booze hound? Yer woofin' me"

Guilty - own the winedogs book - had to after a tour of the Hunter Valley and meetings with the various canine inhabitants. Unfortunately the woofers who own me at the moment will never get to see the fruits of my dreams (unless that rotten grapes in water mush i concocted when I was about 10 counts - my father said it was alright tho hee hee) Cats and libraries make sense though, i mean, anybody who shares a home with a cat knows that they are so intent on educating themselves that they will obscure what you are reading to get to it first!

In "Curious Cyber-fashion George"

OK finally objects - spent 5 months in Canada being asked if i was english despite seriously back country Aussie drawl and now - Kiwis don't wanna be me????????????? Hey sorry bout slur fellow ANtipodeans but HEEEEEEEY!!!!!!

Oh hell that came out all wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um so given i have no fashion sense will this fabric provide an excuse for being poorly dressed... as in - well i had to have my 'touch myself' keyboard with me tonight?

In "Nucular War! "

Woohoo - an out for being a complete bitch at work this week - in two weeks I WILL BE FREE! And oh hell if this guy hasn't got it right - i am sooooo in trouble after today....

In "The Illustrations of Étienne Léopold Trouvelot."

Guess he was related to the men responsible for this Then again he does have the astronomy to his credit

In "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire"

tracicle - also have asthma steroid inhaler - unfortunately for my performance (bad at the best of times) not performance enhancing - cortico steroid as opposed to anabolic - As for the cycling - brother in law is a top flight b-grade cyclist - made a-grade cupla times - never the best - as he said the sport is full of it and he never willing to put health before acclaim!

In "A Primeval Tide of Toxins"

could add a hundred (ok mild exaggeration) of this kind of link from here right now - worst of it is - Govt kept lying about toxin levels and safety - feel free to research further and,yes it is all about runoff mess

In ""

In the meantime applauds use of au naturel - funny had a seriously vain 'north shore' friend (ok if you ever lived in sydney u will understand the link) who now denies using cosmetics because they have'allergies or spots' despite her obvious cosmetic surgery! Um she dismissed

funny my mum said the same - but then i think she defined it as drummer - u know all rhythm no melody, beat or harmony - (oh hell apologises to drummers now!)

In "R.I.P. Patsy."

so elegant for an elephant

In ""

aagh Gomi - in truth do you care if the boys don't like you if you don't wear makeup - would that be a more accurate question?

In "Zombie Dance Party leads to WMD arrests."

Chaeck recent article for idiot water bomb game in London - wish i was there - they have been warned not to be on the tube tho! Sorry would take me an hour to link and sure someone can do it faster!

Hmmm simulated weapons of mass destruction? SOunds like them law enforcement officers needed humour injections?? Question is this what fear does - ultimate result - no humour??? CLass discuss!

In "INAPPROPRIATE CAPS: Misleading title 4 exclamation points "

ok am i the only desparate who caught the captains inappropriate and unrelated post? Goes nbak to lala land

In "A Foreign Affair"

Blind in the sense that they recognise the women have agendas but still feel a sense of superiority - except for the ones that are on the second or third tour (they recognise desparation) - then again i would like to see the 'success statistics'. In these cases what constitutes success' ????? bet you it is differently marketed in the US versus the ex USSR 'catchment' area? Nicht wahr?

In "Curious George is hungry!"

closely related to Emma Chisit

damn it can tremember how to spell emsemmitch in oz.............

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