June 01, 2008

Stories from the last Chinese earthquake. Warning: some of these will rip your heart out. (via Reddit)

November 14, 2006

Is there a secret meaning to your name? Surnames (last name) can be found there as well. Apparently, my ancestors were not born serfs or slaves. So, what's the secret meaning of your name? more inside

November 04, 2006

The Devil is calling the heater repairman. When the military is losing confidence in your ability to lead, when the neocons basically call you incompetent, your allies are losing faith and the polls seem to show people believe the war was a mistake, do you think your kung-fu will save you? more inside

October 16, 2006

Drivingmenuts Does LA! OK, hide your sisters and break out the bananas! I'm visiting Los Angeles! more inside

July 05, 2006

DPRK Missile Crisis is being liveblogged! One of our very own lies in the path of a madman's deathwish! No, it's not Gojira (he's not a man), it's not Dr. Evil (this guy prefers nukes to sharks with frickin' lay-zer beams). No, it's everybody's favorite member of the Axis of Evil, Kim Jong-Il who's currently lobbing missiles into the Sea of Japan. She's liveblogging the news in Japan, so drop by and watch the end of the world. more inside

June 02, 2006

The #mofirc army wants you! Yes, folks - it's that time again. The IRC wing of Monkeyfilter, unofficially known as the "mofircers", wants you! Yes, you! Now! Join, or ... just join! more inside

February 19, 2006

Dan Flavin plays with light in a show at the Hayward Gallery. Best use of fluorescent tubes since making fake light sabers and eye injuries. Oh, and there's this (yet more Flash Req'd). Shine on, you crazy Monkies!

October 28, 2005

She's ... um ... dancing with a ... um ... er ... yeah ... (Warning: Quicktime .MOV) Of the Top Ten Worst Jobs in Science, Ballerina for NASA only ranked 9th. But it should rank #1 for straight-out wierdness.

October 23, 2005

Wanna get pwned by bacon? The bacon of the month club will make you bacon's bitch, man. This is only for those of you who dream about bacon, 'cos it's hella expensive. more inside

September 29, 2005

Jesus will see your bet and raise you. It's time to Ante(och) up, sinners. Our Lord and Saviour is in the house and he's staring at a sweet straight when the dealer drops the river. more inside

September 28, 2005

Giant Squid Caught on Camera! At last, proof of the elusive, mysterious, and slightly shy giant squid. Absolute proof that the scurvy sea-dawgs of yesteryear weren't just drunk on grog and high on life! more inside

September 26, 2005

Shades of Aldous Huxley! Apropos of the Anonymous George post below, women are giving up on sex as a method of procreation. Scientists believe it's entire possible to create a child with only X chromosomes and some scientists believe that men may become irrelevant. The question arises: in 10,000 yrs, will Simian XY be able to get any at all? More to the point: WTF? If one can't spend time doing the nasty, how can one expect to find time to clean up the crap?

September 21, 2005

Tuesday Flash Fun Nice little monkey-oriented Flash game by Ferry Halim of Orisinal. Check out the rest of his games at ferryhalim.com. These are remarkable in that they are great time-wasters without huge amounts of violence. Warning: requires Flash. Sorry, Linux-dudes and dudettes.

September 07, 2005

Austin Meetup : MoFites Unite! The Fall Meetup is in two weeks (Sept. 20 - 8pm@The Dog and Duck). Prepare to be there ... Bring friends! Bring family! Hell, bring MeFites! The more the merrier! Those LA Monkeys are only up on us by about 15-20 meetups so we gotta work fast! more inside

September 02, 2005

Build a periscope in your basement! Spy on your neighbors from the safety of your house! See whats going on up there one the roof (hint: it's not eight tiny little reindeer). Learn the secrets of Garlock Chevron packing, stadimeter collimation, and emergency flax packing! Did you know periscopes got glands?! Well, now you will! more inside

July 12, 2005

The power of this guy's dad impels you ... more inside

June 20, 2005

GoDaddy Loves Torture. Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy (the domain registrar and hosting company) came out in favor of torture on his blog today. more inside

June 14, 2005

Spunky scientists! A book review for "The Genius Factory" about the whacky antics of highly-intelligent(?) people. See men who think they are smart beat themselves senseless trying preserve their attributes for all time. Come dumpster-diving through the annals of shameful Nobel-related behaviour. This post and an earlier one form a wierd kind of synergism. more inside

May 31, 2005

The worlds greatest music video evar! If I ever form a band, I wanna be the guy on the left ...

March 28, 2005

Might Mofi Describe your day in a mighty way, as if it were mythological events to be inscribed in stone tablets. Ie., two-fisted tales of ordinary days. (With a might fart, he arose from the bed, and swore vengeance at the roaring lion = He woke up and accidentally stepped on the cat.). Give your life that Conanical flair and tell it like it should be, not like it is.