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[InsolentChimp] Nope, that's not it. [Lara] ???

Here's a video that Hodgson did for Fuel TV, with the same characters/style as the video I'm seeking.

Thanks to a MoFi lurker who contacted me directly, I have a lead. I believe this is, in fact, a music video, featuring the animations of Derrick Hodgson (I am positive he's the artist of the figurine), for dub artist Scientist. However, I yet to find the video.

[T. U. Monster] -- No, they were animated, and I think they were even mostly just outlines, very minimal. This character is a strange lady with her mouth stuck open, holding an ice cream cone. In the vid, she and lots more of her ilk (identical) just sort of wander around, and strange flying creatures pluck their heads off, carrying them back to a machine of sorts, that churns out food for more creatures. Here's another try at the link.

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MICKEY! You rock, that's exactly it. Thanks very much. I'm off to begin construction now....

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On file at my local funeral home, my official instructions indicate that want played "Mack the Knife." I heard it once played at a funeral (I was a mortician for two years, so I've been to LOTS of funerals).

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Thanks for the advice, especially MonkeyFlitter. I think I'll track my nutritional intake some, but stress could definitely be a factor, too, which I hadn't considered.

I cut my finger yesterday at work, and licked a little blood off, does that count? Great idea, actually, I'll get on that.

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[Medusa]: Oh yes, I hate the "who's this" question, too. My dad used to hang up on my friends who called and didn't say "this is XXX" before asking for me. I think if you're calling someone else, then YOU are creating the interruption, and YOU should be the first to say "this is XXX, who am I speaking to?"

[Bruise]: It's a glass & mirror shop, people calling to place/check on orders, schedule estimates, etc... It's regular folks, contractors, old, young.

[BlueHorse]: This is merely one of the many irritating things about my job. Having to show up on time and stay until close every day is top of the list!

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He's definitely NOT pulling my leg.

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And, I forgot to add "Curious George" to this post.

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Heh. grover96, consider yourself comped into the show, for your digging persistence is ... well, persistent. Thanks to the rest for the explanation. I have no vested interest in the site, but was curious about the technicalities of the error that was evident, if completely mysterious, to me.

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J-walk blog LifeHacker Waiter Rant Cycle-icious Bifurcated Rivets

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Mac OSX - Quicksilver. Absolutely necessary.

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Who verifies your proposed answers? A human? Why wouldn't that human just make the simple photo determination for themselves? If a machine can verify your answer, then why was a human needed to make it in the first place? This doesn't make sense.

I'd love to try this, if only I were actually able to find any "HITs" that loaded without an error telling me to try again, try again, try again, try again...

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Most definitely INVISIBILITY. I can't think of anything I could want or need to accomplish in life that would not be rendered simple if I could be invisible at will.

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