April 20, 2004

Curious George: National Blog Poetry day Monkeys and the blog community at large, Not really a question but more of an idea. I had this thought today "Gee if i got blog writers to post in verse, I would be a hero!!" And then I thought "Well I wouldn't be a hero of any kind but its a cool idea." So I declare June 1st 2004 to be National Blog Poetry Day. How it works is this, find a cool link, then post the link within a verse that YOU wrote on any blog on June 1st, all bloggers are welcome to join and u got over a month to write these entries. Catch is, each poem MUST rhyme. There's no prize for the best one or anything, its for the fun of it. We read and comment as usual. Lymricks are welcome of course if u think u can do it. Have fun, Aaron

April 10, 2004

Heart of the Beast MayDay parade It