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National Blog Poetry day and what is a bong?

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BlueHorse, u are my hero *stands and claps* Now im done

*looks at wikipedia for a entry for "Burma Shave THread* DAMN!! Monkeys come up with ur own definition, im offically done with this thread!!

(this is for u pete) oh the bong, the bong uh (thinks) uh thats it!!

(why do i feel like I'm in a burma shave thread?)

if ur a non blogger, good for u u can write poetry too doggerla? what the heck? I read that word so many times, it broke my neck (bear with me ppl, a pro im not) so start writing something really hot!!

I would gladly accept the beerie Just slip it over hereie As for the rhyming thing just do what u feel fitting. If next time u need a more inside tab I will do it if I have

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Bread and Puppet sounds like a cool group, the Artistic director of Heart of the Beast used to work with them a lot, too bad they cancelled the big Domestic Resurrection Circus and Pageant, because that was amazingly neat.

Bear with me folks, im new at this!!

Hey all, me again, Heres some linkage I found around the web about this: (scroll down) Nice gallery of last year's parade live journal entry about 2002's parade gallery of 1998 parade

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