March 30, 2005

A resource for the interested, whether experienced or not. Amputee world isn't much different (at first glance) from other internet sites I've seen which enable people to meet up. There are chatrooms, and the owner of the site takes care not to be exploitative, mentioning the myriad of other pages available to people who just want to gawk. Being porn-free is a marketable angle (but lust and porn can be decent and valid too, in my opinion), but I think the site is most notable for this: "There are a great many different people in this world and, accordingly, a great many different admirers. Perhaps, some of them are sick but unfortunately there are a few sick people in every community in the world." more inside

March 10, 2005

Spit, urine, breast milk, feces... these are the weapons of your enemies. Needless to say, they fight dirty. Sometimes they attack without you knowing it, and only tell you the details afterward. What you see as threatening or repulsive, though, others may find appetizing. It's enough to make me want to cry, but I'm concerned I might accidentally shake some on to an innocent bystander (and risk being charged with a crime) or have some football coach lapping at my face like a thirsty dog at the toilet bowl of his dreams.

March 07, 2005

In case you've never heard of cafepress.... Seeking alternatives to the site, please. more inside

February 11, 2005

I linked to this story yeterday, but now there's more to tell. It seems that Wal-mart isn't really wanted in Quebec, which makes me happy. Death threats aren't really my thing, but bomb threats to Wal-mart stores do make me smile. more inside

October 19, 2004

From Brazil, we have Omolu (also known as omulu and omolou), a god imported by African slaves. Omolu is also known as Obaluaye, and those of you around my age may remember Desi Arnaz singing about him in his hit babalu aye. Interesting that people have renewed their interest in Omolu as a result of AIDS, and are hoping he can help them. more inside

October 10, 2004 protect and advocate for sex-trade workers. A much-needed guild that many labour leaders and sex-trade workers have been working toward for some time. The health care and safety benefits alone are worth it -- best of luck to all who have a direct stake in this.

October 09, 2004

Curious George: What job could you never expect to hold because you'd hate it so much that inside of a week, you'd have killed everyone within a three kilometre radius? more inside

September 23, 2004

Are you a 'Daddy's Girl'? I'm used to bizarre religious expression (hey, I'm originally from Missouri), but I saw an advertisement for these freaks in a local paper today and frankly, it makes me itchy. My wife and daughter were horrified by it for five minutes (before they began to tease me mercilessly, of course). more inside