September 02, 2004

Emotion Eric! Truly, the diversity of this man is remarkable. more inside

September 01, 2004

A New Class Of Planet. The McObservatory has discovered 2 new extra-solar planets about the size of Neptune, easily the smallest planets discovered outside the solar system at only 14 times the size of Earth. more inside

August 27, 2004

David who? I haven't seen the hearing of Australian David Hicks, accused of terrorism, covered by American media much at all. Considering it's got (more) claims of abuse against the guards at Camp X-Ray, detainment for 2 years without charges being laid, and other media favourites, why hasn't it received more US coverage? more inside

August 24, 2004

De-CIA? One of the many fallouts from the 9/11 Commission is the suggestion that the CIA should be broken down into three separate agencies...but some are not so enthusiastic about it, as reported here. more inside

August 20, 2004

So you wanna be a spy? Earn your official degree on this secluded pacific island - and it's even better than that one you found in that cereal box! more inside