In "Brighten the corners:"

It seems flashboy was less interested in correcting the error, and more interested in exacting vengeance, hence the "(yesi'vehadalongdayandishouldjustshutupandstopbeingsocranky)" posted prior to disclaim his stance. How he reacts to an error is his perogative.

In "Why I'm going to be posting here again"

Good work, arse_hat! But any idea how it happened in the first place? I mean, the original 'kamus/teeth' combo on bugmenot was for MeFi, right? Does this mean MeFi was compromised, or the gap was somewhere else? (Sorry for the flurry of stupid questions.)

In "News Limited and Political Power"

Rupert's death is guaranteed, sure, but he's always got his son, Lachlan, who's Deputy Chief Operating Officer of News Ltd. and poised to step in once Rupert bites the dust. PS: gotsta love mediawatch

In "God Almighty,"

Awesome verse by Emre. Many thanks, flashboy...this is exactly what I need.

In "See? They still know how to have fun at MeFi..."

The butler did it. Good to see they can still have fun, but then, I haven't seen Seth post yet. I wanna see the original spoiler post re. The Office. Damn mathowie's rewriting of MetaHistory! Also, posting a MeFi post? Would anyone here not have read it there? :P

In ""the news will be embarrassing for George W Bush""

This has happened in several places around the world, where law enforcement agencies slap together a prosecution brief to bring charges against suspected terrorists. Investigators come under pressure to catch 'somebody, anybody' to exercise the pretty new anti-terror laws and get some good press for the minsters/secretaries responsible. When these haphazard poorly formed cases are thrown out by judicial bodies, it tends not to matter, since the noise and press coverage of the initial capture of terrorists in 'our' backyard normally outweighs the dismissal of such charges. So they - and in the case of the US, the DoJ - comes out with a marginal net gain. Welcome to democracy.

In "Japanese, Nihilistic, Genre-Pic Autuer"

Didn't know that about the embassies...interesting. Great post...gotta love those Japanese nihilists.

In "A New Class Of Planet."

Language is language in use, and if you know what it means, then its status as a 'real word' matters not. Give the OED a couple of updates, it'll catch on. ffs they added bling-bling in there... In summary: equivilate is a perfectly cromulent word. and if you don't know what it means from your throne in Ashgabat, I pity the education levels of Turkmenistan

In ""Do you mean that anybody who is not donating a kidney is taking someone's life?""

Since I'm apparently already a murderer, I may as well start wearing fur, switch to a pure meat diet, and take up drink-driving my 2 miles/gallon SUV down the street while shooting at random intervals from my window with my assault-style rifle. Do Not Cross...A Man With Nothing To Lose

In "RNC Protest Photos"

This just in: Rudi Guiliani's a cock. Damn, I thought I'd found a decent Republican. Listening to his RNC rant, I realise I was horribly mislead. Sullivan: Personally, I'm with Matt Yglesias on this. Matt Yglesias: I don't really have a "point" to make. Gotcha ;) Public order issues have become tedious as hell. Psyko hit the nail on the head there - other than Seattle, it's all been downhill since Paris '68.

In "You have bad taste in music!"

Isn't annoying soapbox preaching aimed at forcing your point of view on others one of the cornerstones of American comedy? "Evanescence kicks ass...fuck you, and you need to fuck the ass!" - Evanescence fan Hahahaha, I love it. (Seriously, listen to Lacuna Coil. It's like Evanescence, but good.)

In "Mel Gibson 2004."

Dear gods! A gorilla-political war you say? When the Eastern Lowland gorillas meet the Mountain gorillas on the campaign battleground, the fur - and bananas - will fly! Sullivan: Hey, he already proved in the Mad Max movies that he's willing to kill in the desert for gasoline. He's perfect for the job! ^^ best line all day!

In "David who?"

PF: The Oregonian, which is not online, is covering it. Just fyi. Yes it is! (fyi) But thanks for the update...I didn't consider the effect timezones may have on reporting.

In "The Theban Mapping Project"

May I say, without hyperbole: holy fuck! That could be the best thing I've seen on the net in ages. Relevant, simple use of Flash technology in a subject I'm near-obsessed with. I want more, and faster. Beautiful. Many thanks, Seanasy

In "David who?"

drjimmy11: American by far the freest in the world. 'Free' perhaps in terms of regulation, but that simply means ownership (and therefore direction of what stories etc. to run with) are homogenized under an oligarchy of media giants (the most obvious of which is, strangely, an Australian). 'Freedom of media' also means 'freedom to be overtaken by corporate interests'. I'm not blaming them, but simply saying it's different from 'the public interest'. As for the only other option being government-controlled media a-la totalitarian regimes, you seem to ignore the middle ground which most of the world operates under: one in which oligarchies or cross-media ownership is discouraged, for example. "I'd like a coffee." "One beer, coming up." (We could get that whole episode into this thread!)

In "Curious "Beekeepers"? "

If it is for Halo 2, or some similar viral marketing ploy, I hope it has half the wondrous crafting of the Jeanine Salla mystery created for the slightly less than impressive movie AI. These guys kept me occupied for months on end. I loved it.

In "Amerika, Rammstein's latest single."

Excelsior to you, Flagpole. I await their new album with much eagerness.

In "Playboy to publish a, um, er, spread of videogame character"

I second vitalorgnz's comment: meh. I'm sick of silicone and producers of pr0n telling me what's sexy and what's not. A plastic surgeon can't create beauty. He can set bones and skin to specific angles which people find more acceptable - hence many people who've had work done looking the same. You just compound the problem with airbrushing. It's the imperfections that make it. (Having said that...I'd do that nazi-killin' vampiress dominatrix until she wished she stayed in the grave.)

In "De-CIA?"

hmmm, I think I broke my Monkey. I posted, de nada. I posted again. Then end up with my reply, twice, at the *top* of the thread. Now it seems to have sorted itself. Apologies for the double-postage.

Re path's re-engineering: that's been my experience with corporate environments too, where upper management feel the eye of expectation upon them to do *something*, so they end up doing *anything*, and reshuffle the cards, swap a few middle managers, and say 'see? We've changed!'. It's sadly much the same in the public sector, and it scares the hell out of me when they think they can apply profit-oriented corporate thinking to (theoretically) service-oriented public organisations.

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