January 28, 2006

Hi, uh, I'm Ernie, and I've... I've got a problem. HI ERNIE! From Pearls Before Swine. more inside

September 10, 2004

Missile Balloons!

July 12, 2004

The next phase of the Brood X invasion: little cicada nypmhs, sprinkling down from the leaves in a horrifying rain of sesame-seed-sized larvae with beady red eyes. The news says that at twilight it'll be like a shower of sparklies from the trees. Isn't anyone concerned about getting these things in their hair and skin? (More permanent link for when that AP story expires.)

June 27, 2004

Your All Gay. (Meerkats. Found via blort. The apostrophe issue is addressed.)

June 25, 2004

Hello Kitty has no mouth. And yet... (An oldie, but a goodie)