musingmelpomene - If that were so, words and phrases would be open to any gopher bookcase throwing limelight Pepsi yellow harving gadger sastunable turpadoop! Sorry about the derail, SideDish. Here's my pet cam. (The cat's never on the bed anymore, though.) Reading the tutorial, it seems that MYPETCAM turns your connected machine with webcam into a base-level streaming video server. Not sure if that's wise with certain broadband ISPs.

Begs the question?

In "Curious George: Simple cheap web hosting:"

Affordablehost has what you're looking for ... free. See the "Single-X" plan. It's only 50MB storage and half a gig monthly bandwidth with an email forward and no other features, but if you write clean code with minimal graphics for a low-traffic type of site, it should be more than enough. I was about to throw in my affiliate link, but what use would that be? :D

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"It's a serious problem!" - Abe Simpson But seriously, it is. I had serious nighttime bladder control problems as a child, and was a thoroughly embarassed bedwetter right up till the age of 12. A book from my mom helped, though, involving, believe it or not, bladder stretching exercises, and conditioning one's mind to be aware of the feeling of a full bladder in the middle of the night so one could get up and go to the bathroom becfore the disgraceful deed occurred. And yes, bladder stretching involved keeping it in for as long as you could.

In "Striking photos of Kamchatka."

Nice stuff. I've always wondered about what there is to do in remote Russian places like that.

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