April 01, 2007

Gay man in 'bashing the bishop" suit The Bishop of Hereford is being taken to an industrial tribunal by a man who claims he was refused a job as a youth worker because he is gay.

February 06, 2007

British cops clamp down on lone flasher Somerset Police handed out disposable cameras to women to help them catch a lone flasher in Burnham-on-Sea. Ladies are helping the police doing their job in this "winkie-cam" sting!

January 26, 2007

Wife fights off cougar with pen A sorry tale. Husband and wife out walking in California. Husband gets mauled by mountain lion. Wife attacks lion with pen and er, a log. Husband survives. But, is it me, but why did the authorities kill 2 lions subesequently afterwards? The mountin lion is only doins its own thing (protecting cubs, hunting for food etc.) Let the debate begin!

January 16, 2007

Another Sad Day in Iraq 85 More dead. Students most of them. I am speechless. When will it stop?

December 14, 2006

Curious George: online encyclopedia for kids My Kids are driving me crazy with their homework! What they need is a good (free) online knowledge base aka. encylopedia. History, maths and science espcially for 12-16 year olds. F'rinstance - "Daddy, was the Roman empire cruel and civilisied at the same time? If so can you give me 10 examples of each?" Tempted not to quote the Life of Brian's immortal "What have the Romans ever done for us?" I decided to turn to the interweb thingy for ideas. Aaaargh! Where do you start? Help from simians greatly appreciated

November 28, 2006

Monkey Festival A banquet has been held for monkeys in the small Thai town of Lopburi. Hindu legend suggests that King Rama gave a monkey king ally fiefdom of the local area Warning: Media Player required....

September 25, 2006

Simpson-tastic All the episodes (well OK up to Season 18 first 2 eps) of our favourite family. Stand by for legalaction! Warning Flash. Clicking in the "X" in the link gives you full screen. Enjoy it while its there!! Also All Futuramas HERE! via dailymotion.com

July 27, 2006

Zoo monkeys make bid for freedom Clever simians from Old London town make hay when the sunshines.

June 12, 2006

Oo-er missus! Its bigger than we thought! Scientists have discovered that a ladys pleasure zone down there is a lot bigger than we first thought. (NSFW if your work doenst like the word "cl1tor1s"!)

May 26, 2006

Desmond Dekker drops dead at 65 Reggae legend Desmond Dekker has died suddenly from a heart attack, his manager has announced. RIP Israelite man

February 15, 2006

No smoking please we're British, er, I mean, English Finally the UK Govt. Has woken up and smelt the nicotine and gone for a TOTAL ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces. This is good news for all, especially me , an non smoker, as I play in a band in places where smoking is currently permitted. Thanks UK Govt., yer done somthing right for a change!!!

January 20, 2006

Big Brother "contestant" has monkey fur coat Originally thought to be from Gorilla fur, Big Brother contestant and ex-pop star Pete Burns' coat turns out to be a Colobos Monkey after all! Police investigation, outrage, fights, tears - all in a days work for Big Brother (oh, Dennis Rodman is in there too!)

January 13, 2006

Curious George: FAQ web page building I am trying to put together a Web page for my department with company FAQs. Rather then have a web page with a long list of URLs, Answers etc. I would like the user to filter by subject eg. IT, Useful numbers, Non-Technical - that kinda thing. It needs to be pure html/css/java/vbscript. No server-side asp here, but its need to have a database type back-end (Access, Excel, XML) Any monkeys out there with ideas/useful sites?. There are commercial products but I want to do it myself AND EARN BROWNIE POINTS!!!

January 12, 2006

Hundreds Crushed to death in the Middle East W T F ???? Didnt this like, happen last year??

December 08, 2005

John Lennon 1940 - 1980 Amazing - 25 years ago. Where have those years gone? If he survived Mark Chapmans bullets (4 in total) what would John be doing today?

December 06, 2005

Curious George Fellow simians. I tried to search the monkeyfilter for a nice link I saw a while back. The link I woz wanting was to do with searching for US citizens and returning their addresses (useful for this time of year for sending Xmas cards!) Anyway cutting a long story short, putting all sorts of search terms for this, plus searching for my own (meager) posts revelaed NOTHING! All ideas welcome!!!

November 29, 2005

Share online drawings This is Brilliant! Not only is it my first post for (seems like) years but this on line drawing thingymabob is spot on! There goes my productivity today!!! more inside

July 15, 2005

After a tough week, heres some Friday Fun Launch gonzo from the cannon into the bucket o'water. 'tis fun me hearties!

July 06, 2005

News Just in! Bad luck Paris - London is the home of the 2012 Olympics!

April 19, 2005

Curious George: I am the, ahem , webmaster for a friends holiday rental home in Spain. The website is there but theres no hits when searching for it using Google and the usual suspects. Whats the best way to submit to search engines? And for free?