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Me: Hi dude God: Hi there . Can I help you? Me: Dude whats the meaning of life God: Actually, it's twenty-three, not forty-two. Dude,. Me: Thats intresting. Why not forty-two? God: Makes sense to me. Becuase you asked me to. Me: What about Station? God: Rhetorical questions are so over. Me: OK - Why is station the only non human in heaven? God: I think Whay is a lot of things. Yippee!

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What spoobnooble says: Jumping the Shark

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And Satan scores on the rebound...

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I'm waiting for the Brian Blessed version.... "WAKE UP THERE! HEY YOU, GORDONS ALIVE!"

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D'oh! I have a charidee gig that day. Will wait for the next one though....

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"why don't they just flood the condemned's cell with carbon monoxide while they're sleeping?" Isnt that one step from the Nazi Death trucks?? "I believe that doctors already finish terminal cases off quite often" Exactly my point. Two ends of spectrum, innocent lives wanting to die versus convicted lives not wanting to. In between, the medical profession ("to do no harm"). The dichotmy of the two is equally un-ethical, apart from the obvious result, the factor which binds them together is the publicity that these cases receive.

Better link Here

At the other end of the spectrum there is a case for the lethal injection on non-felons ie. those with terminal illnesses. In the UK "assisted suicide" is illegal. Yet there many for and many against its legaility. This is has strong parallels to capital punishament in as much it is hotly debated and of momentus ethical considerations. Perhaps we may see a decline of lethal injections for the criminal and an increase for the terminally ill?

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Maybe fishtick monkey-eth too much! How about this site?? - Sankyo in Japan

Found a dutch version of the manual (might help??)

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D'oh! "Some problems were encountered The requested username and password combination could not be found."

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The right to bear arms? or the right to arm bears? I'd go for the latter any time

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Brilliant! 325 but I am sure that: 1. Someone will do better 2. Non-Brit Simians may lose the irony and pathos of the answers 3. I really am British therefore shouldnt have done this quiz in the first place!

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Exactly my thoughts, kitfisto, talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted! What do they expect to find on the dead lions, Human DNA??? What a waste of a already endagered species. 34 million Californians versus no more than a thousand mountain lions. Sheesh! Anything that makes you look bigger, including opening your jacket up wide, may confuse a lion enough to deter an attack Anything that makes you look bigger, including opening your jacket up wide, may confuse a lion enough to deter an attack

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"The majority of those killed are female students who were on their way home" How is this going to achieve anything? Oh wait, its MEANT to install hatred between the Shiites and Sunnis. Oh , thats alright then <\depair and sarcasm off>

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All good stuff so far. However excellent HuronBobs answer was, this is no help when the child decides to ask at 9pm in the evening the day before the homework is due in!! D'oh! Lesson learned so far: 1. Teach children to use Google with appropriate keywords 2. Teach children to learn by themselves 3. Teach children to do homework during hours of library opening! 4. Bookmark Fact Monster

Like the FactMonster site. Agreed - Kids should be a'learnin' by themselves but you've gotta point them in the right direction! This is all new to the kids - so far they have been spoon fed. Welcome to the real world I say!

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Depending on method of dispatch: "Going Underground" - the Jam "Fire" - the Crazy World of Arthur Brown

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Even More Good News, Everyone! Its back up! This time with American Dad, Futurama, Family Guy etc.

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Lovely, absolutely lovely. My heart skipped a beat when i thought I saw the WERZOG... But, alas it turned out to be werkkzeug1 !!

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