In "711chan pwns Scientology"

lol. hilarious.

In "We Are Borg"

ew omg

In "Catapult Boy Learns The Hard Way"

lol. I'm sorry...I think I knew not to fuk around with crocs pretty much since I was born. he needed to be taken out.

In "Exquisite sea slugs "

the only thing I can think about is "I wonder how it would feel to step on one of these barefoot?" they're prolly poisonous tho.

In "the french hate themselves even more than we do"

I don't necessarily hate the french... it's just fun to make fun.

In "Remember kids - dogs go "bark", sheep go "baaa""

you can't be serious. and I thought out paris hiltons were idiots.

In "The Sea Organ "

that's stunning.

In "TV Turnoff"

I don't even know why I have a TV. oh wait, I know...I'm married. what will we have in common without one? who will do the talking if not for the TV? TURNOFF week? what kind of marriage killing idea is this?

In "Curious George"

LILA DOWNS - she is amazing. Also Charanga Cakewalk, Aterciopelados, La Oreja de Vangogh (from spain), Natalia Lafourcade is OK, Susana Baca (peruvian), Caetano Veloso...there's a whoooole bunch.

In "Moms Prefer Smell of Their Own Baby's Poop"

HI koko!!! it's been a whiiiiiiiiile.


In "Armed dolphins, trained by the US military to shoot terrorists and pinpoint spies underwater, may be missing."

LOL. I hope they shoot someone.

In "Curious George: Mold Removal"

ew get rid of it completely. I mean, who has unremovable carpets in their bathroom anyway? It's got like health hazzard written all over it.

In "PhotogenicMasks have been created for anyone who desires to become a girl."

she looks like Kelly

In "Anonymous George: Need a Sham Marriage"

marriage is a perfectly legal means to this end. I say, save a wad of cash and offer it up. Or as they suggested before, exchange vows in the hopes that you can make an irishman legal in america. and he, you, there. lol

In "Body Issues, Man-Style"

ah, there it is, thanks! and thank YOU, intelligent designer, for thinking ahead and knowing I'd need supplemental orifice filtering systems as I grow older HAHAHHA...that's funny

In "Electro-man and trusty companion The Mighty Jacket have been found, and how far away from gotham..."

lol what would have happened if someone threw a bucket of water at him? explode? implode? shock the thrower? bleh prolly nothing.

In "Hurricane Rita approaches."

The big difference tho, is that there isn't a city with 400,000+ sitting below sea level and sub-par evacuation routes, squarely in front of Rita. ...and it happens to be that bushwhacker's home state...aid's already there.

In "The Debate on the Smacking Ban"

discipline requires hierarchy, and hierarchy is set by rules. If a kid doesn't understand "don't try to reach the cupboard with hat old chair cos you might fall"...I'm sure gentle "smacking" will get the point across. I'm all for it. Parents should have that right.

In "Kentucky student gets arrested for writing a short story."

that is the most ridiculous thing that I've ever heard in my life! does anyone know the race of the kid?

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