May 23, 2005

Curious George: GRE I'm taking the Graduate Record Exam soon-ish and I was wondering if any of you monkeys have some good tips. I am four years out of school and dreading test day. Any help would be appreciated.

May 13, 2005

A US study has revealed that gay men's brains respond differently from those of heterosexual males when exposed to a sexual stimulus. more inside

April 03, 2005

Curious George: There are two kinds of people A friend of mine remarked today that there are two kinds of people in the world, those who mourn the pope and those who mourn the time before 24hr news networks. So, I wondered, What groups are we arbitrarily dividing the world into today? more inside

March 25, 2005

Graf do Brasil Brazilian graf artist Zezão is doing some amazing underground art. No, really.

October 31, 2004

Early Voter Arrested for Wearing Early Costume more inside

October 24, 2004

2046 Everyone who goes to 2046 has the same intention. To recapture their lost memories. Because in 2046, nothing ever changes. Nobody can be sure that this is true. Because nobody who goes there…has ever come back. more inside

October 12, 2004

Unicorns Against Bush! How bad a leader do you have to be to have magikal beasts coming out of the Enchanted Forest to denounce you? more inside

October 04, 2004

Vibrating Trousers Treat (wait for it, wait for it)... Angina I can't believe no one has posted this yet. Wherefore art thou, 'tool?

October 03, 2004

Greene Centenary Saturday, October 2nd, marked the 100th anniversary of Graham Greene's birth. I have been wanting to post about Greene for a while, but I am afraid that I couldn't do better than Matteo's excellent, excellent post on metafilter. Please do check it out. more inside

October 01, 2004

Possible Homer Sexual The creators of the Simpsons set off a flurry of speculation when they announced that one of the denizens of Springfield would be coming out of the closet. 365Gay thinks they know who it is, and it isn’t Smithers . [NSFPeople who don't like gay stuff] more inside

September 29, 2004

Learn to Speak American! Welcome to American Accent Training. I hope you enjoy this site as you learn how to speak with a standard American accent. Sko! [via The Morning News]

September 22, 2004

The Bodacious Mystic Badass of Buena Vista He was born Edward Owens Martin, the son of a Georgia share-cropper. He would die as the self-proclaimed St. EOM, the Wizard of Pasaquan.

September 18, 2004

All Hail the Iron Penis! Taiwanese Kungfu Master Tu Jin-Sheng is famous for pulling heavy objects with his...talent. He's not only gifted, he's my neighbor. Ironically, SFW.

September 15, 2004

The Man from Plains vs. "Give 'em Hell" Zell A letter from Jimmy Carter to Zell Miller re: Zell's speech at the RNC. Blatantly stolen from MeFistopheles. more inside

September 11, 2004

Curious George: Audioscrobbler Would anymonkey be interested in joining a MoFi Audioscrobbler group? more inside

September 09, 2004

mooncruise is an online magazine featuring and promoting photographers and musicians. It is also a Flash-eriffic, bandwidth-sucking behemoth with a lot of pretty pictures, some of which are NSFW. But is it worth it? I think so. [via Design is Kinky]

August 18, 2004

Nathan Jurevicius is an Australian artist who began his career as a freelance illustrator. Nathan achieved international recognition with his Scarygirl comics and art figures. WARNING:FLASH (First FPP. Please don't pillory me.) more inside