October 27, 2006

Rahner's Rotten Rentals [embedded Real video], Seattle Times critic Mark Rahner's Halloween movie roundup, pays tribute to the heroically shlocky TV horror hosts of the 60s and adds a grateful nod to the horror hosts of today.

March 25, 2005

1) Choose Life. 2) Add To Cart. The ad oddly describes the Save Terri Schiavo Teddy Bear ($18.99) as a "cutie" that will "put a smile on someone's face." Too perky? You might prefer a tote bag, t-shirt, mug or throw pillow ($14.99 and up). Or Terri as Joan Of Arc Cufflinks ($9.95). Or... more inside

January 12, 2005

Batman's Anniversary! The TV series turns 39 today! ABC broadcast episode one, "Hi Diddle Riddle," on January 12, 1966! Celebratory Bat-Links: Bat-Quotes! The Best-Looking Bat-Site! A Bat-Episode Guide! A Fab Argentine Bat-Site! The '66 Batmobile! Batman's Traps! More inside! more inside

December 23, 2004

Christmas With The Kranks: Say Peace On Earth and Good Will Toward Men with a "Mission Accomplished" pen, a Santa Bush ornament, some nice infant hatewear or even a Zell Miller thong. Yes, some items are a little, you know, so please think of the children. And yes, they take Visa.