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From the first link: "We have to get away from thinking of the poor as a problem," said C.K. Prahalad, author of the book "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid." I love that sentence.

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Update: If the first link doesn't work, try Seattle Channel [also embedded Real video]. And click here for a blood-curdling image of my childhood horror host, Syracuse's legendary Baron Daemon... if you dare!

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LivewireConfusion, I want to believe that I'd go to similar lengths to post a picture so disgusting. Thank you.

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Oscar Wilde is said to be quite a manly fellow, bright and entertaining when in the company of men, but silly and affecting when surrounded by a bevy of ladies. This might be regarded as extraordinary, but for the fact that the world is full of such cases. --Columbus Dispatch This is excellent. Thank you, Plegmund!

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To be Fair And Balanced about it, not all goofy comic book covers are 1960s Supermans. 1, 2, and 3.

Glad you posted this, fuzzco66. It was originally at; got slammed to oblivion by traffic from some popular site (Metafilter?); moved to a transitional home at National Lampoon; and now has room to expand in its current digs. My vote goes to this turned-on psych-out.

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As The Caped Crusader might say, "Nana nana nana nana indeed, citizen" Discovered too late for the front page, here is McSweeney's analysis of the Bat-Theme!

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SideDish, I'm sorry for your loss.

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Urgent Bat-Caution: On second thought, some parts of the poor, deluded Siamese Human Knot Site may be--at least marginally--NSFW.

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Well, there's Luke Cage, but somehow I doubt it. Sounds to me like Stewart plucked a "hero" name out of the crapstream, like The Simpsons did with McBain. But I'm just guessing.

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As planned, I threw my cigarettes down the trash chute before I went to bed last night. Naturally, I'm now pretty annoyed with myself for having planned this, but that won't last.

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Also, what kind of world is it where "infant hatewear" is considered hyperbole, but "Zell Miller thong" is somehow acceptable?

"Democrats R Yukky" = hatewear? Holy hyperbole. To a baby, "Yukky" is the most severe epithet of outright condemnation. OK, it's not quite hate speech--but it is hate jabber. So... hyperbole, yes, but, more to the point, understatement.

Sorry about the post title, folks. "Link From SuperFrankenstein" indeed. I'll pay better attention next time. If this were MetaFilter I'd be dead.

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If you can stand the pop-ups, Pure Excitement Comics is great.

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