November 30, 2004

Available from Target's Drug Store Last time it was "anal massage" (MoFi, 11/20/04). Today, it's marijuana! $25.25 for an unspecified quantity. Better check this out quickly. It could be gone tomorrow. FYI, the "anal massage" link to Target is now broken. It looks like someone is in the business of hacking Target. more inside

November 20, 2004

What kind of Target merchandise is this? Possibly NSFW (?). On sale, 10% off. Free shipping. Offered at Target's "Red Hot Shop" Similar items: "Entertainment" Item availability: 4-8 weeks "No Picture Available" URL may be retracted at any time. more inside

October 20, 2004

Wasn't this inevitable? Budget movies put on self-destructing DVDs. Selling for $4.99 at, they become unplayable 48 hours after they are opened. It's all part of a new, very different, model of movie distribution, in which throw-away DVDs are released on the same day the movie premiers at theaters. A Reuters article, picked up by cnet (see link), tells all (except whether it is going to be a commercial success). Your mission, Mr. Phelps, is to find the time to watch this cheap movie in the next 48 hours before it self-destructs.