In "An audio illusion "

Kinda obvious, but still cool stuff!

In "Renaissance-Era Drawings Reveal Early Ideas About Evolution. "

Interesting art work, but I don't think I've ever seen a human face shaped like any of the drawings (with a possible very rare exception). Mostly they look like deformed people whose mothers would have drowned them in a river within days of birth.

In "Contre temps."

Time and tide wait for no one!

In "Needs more eye bleach"

"In the United Kingdom, there have been a total of ∼400 cases diagnosed since 1957" [2002] That computes to about 9 cases per year (through 2002). One has a greater chance of losing one's sight to syphilis than to Acanthamoeba.

In "What kind of a brain?"

"For example, subjects had a negative reaction to a running shoe equipped with nanotechnology that adjusted fabric thickness to cool the foot and reduce blisters." I don't know about that. I think if you asked someone, "How would you feel if I could develop a running shoe that adjusted fabric thickness to cool your foot and reduce blisters?", you'd get quite a positive response. It wouldn't be until you suggested this technology would add $100 to the price of the shoe that you'd get some negative response. ....On the other hand, I once worked in an investigational drug study to get potential subjects to participate in a test of a new drug to minimize the damage to the heart muscle from a heart attack. The patients were generally very willing to sign an 'informed consent' document. However, their adult children were often aghast. "How dare you do medical research on sick people!" Well, DUH! How can you study the effect of a drug in reducing heart attack damage on healthy people not having heart attacks?

In "An infinite number of monkeys with typewriters (Monkius typeriterus)"

Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware will not let me connect to 'Potentially malicious', it says. I guess I'll skip looking at all those typewriters.

In "Shutter-happy monkey"

@BlueHorse "Banana!"

In "A description of the Joplin tornado"

Amazing article.

In "How cats drink."

Great video, TT. Thanks.

In "Couldn't find much sexual content on the web "

I suspect that Orococo reads MetaFilter.

In "Samurai saves Day"

tracicle: (The look on the guy's face in the photo seems to be his normal expression.) The untold story: He cut off the girls' hands because they tried to take off his unearthly toupee.

In "Farts spark emergency landing"

They call the wind 'Mariah'.

In "OR-Live. "

The sedation is quite heavy.

In "Bus Stop Shelters in Ukraine"

One thing we know for sure is that there are no graffitti artists in the Ukraine.

In "Why aren't you using RSS?"

I like the experience of going to the site. The beauty of RSS is that you can read the first few lines of the site's postings and decide if you do want to go there or not. RSS saves me from going to 80-85% of the sites' contents. I can go first to what interests me most. My primary RSS reader is "My Yahoo". After that, I go with "Google Reader", though several readers are probably on par with Google.

In "This is catchy and weirdly inspirational."

What do Chopin's "Nocturne", Maria Callas singing "Figaro", and Elvis's "Suspicious Minds" have to do with glaucoma? (bottom left corner). What about that coldly staring eyeball that stays wide open until you move a mouse into that frame? Then it blinks! (just above the Chopin corner) Definitely weird!

In "And pinch your nipples!"

I doubt he even knew that a nipple twister was a crime - I certainly didn't! If the kid had been just a year or two older (i.e., a non-juvenile), he'd be a Registered Sex Offender for the rest of his just-destroyed life. An example of the unintended effects of overzealousness in the pursuit of justice.

In "Scientists find 'mass dodo grave'"

Ohh!! "do-do", NOT "doo-doo"! What would have been more suitable for a mass grave than doo-doo?

In "Alas, we hardly knew ye"

I think you're referring to the old site. No description other than "exceedingly gross" seemed to fit that site. I visited the site today. Nothing but stories. No pics (or they're hard to find).

Though a bit off the beaten track, I miss the old It was once a great stock message board, very active with intelligent comments, and (best of all) not a spam haven the way that Yahoo and Raging Bull boards have become.

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