January 31, 2007

National Monkey Gorilla Suit Day
A damned dirty rip-off from that other place

April 10, 2006

Monkeys Get The Blues. How do scientists know when a monkey is depressed? It turns out that "it's really not rocket science."

October 01, 2005

Curious George: Calming Corporate IT Any help convincing a corporate IT department that Mozilla isn't spyware? more inside

March 08, 2005

The Warning Cycle: Former CIA officer and vocal critic of the War On Terror Michael Scheuer is wondering if recent comments from Osama bin Laden and right-hand-man Amyan Al-Zawahiri fit a recognizable pattern. Specifically, Scheuer suggests that bin Laden has established a routine of releasing a fairly direct threat against the US, followed by several more, non-specific sets of remarks, when an attack is imminent. [via robot wisdom] more inside