May 26, 2005

He's 7'1", he plays basketball, he 'raps',... and he's a cop? And not just a cop, but a Deputy US Marshal. Shaq. Huh. I'm confused. Does anyone else find this utterly wrong? more inside

May 17, 2005

You No Longer Have Any Privacy Search yourself. Search your friends. Search your boss. Search your mom. The phrase, "I know where you live" just got a bit freakier. Via a story I heard on NPR just a bit ago. more inside

December 14, 2004

Is Google the next library? It would appear that they're trying. I personally think this is great, although there is still something to be said for actually curling up in front of a fire to a nice copy of Fahrenheit 451 or something (especially here in the Pac. NW where it rains every once in a while). more inside

December 13, 2004

Skeletal structures are not the easiest thing to draw. As an art student myself, I've found that drawing the bone structure and THEN the character is much much easier. What is done here is brilliant. more inside