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Wow, I'll have to come back here for the official sixth anniversary. I'll catch you all up on some of my doings (not as exciting as NickDanger, but still...).

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Dang, I'm itching to do this, but this November is booked. Luckily, I've managed a bunch of writing so far this year, so it's not like 2009 is a wash. Best of luck to all you monkeys doing it. Post here on your progress, won't you? *wistful sigh*

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My favorite part of the article? "Bardwell said no one had complained in the past and he doesn't marry the couples because he's worried about their children's futures." Y'know, like the kids having to deal with people like Bardwell growing up. Here's a fun site that would likely drive him up the wall.

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This is very, very cool btw. Agree w/Tracicle.

Or archaeologist. (-; Seriously, working on a dig, we tested bits of old pottery with our tongues. So why not taste the lake?

An archaologist.

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I will be interested to see how robotics develops what with the money flow...

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And don't forget Syzygy Darklock.

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MonkeyFilter: Unquenchable flesh-rending vengeance in mind.

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Tres cool, but where's the kitchen for The Yellow Treehouse?

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Most importantly, if there were no papers, how would I keep my parrot's cage clean? I predict upscale newspaper stock to be sold, beginning to yuppies, for just such a purpose. Hey, anyone have venture capital? It could be a MoFi business. (-:

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Wow, it's a educational trove of time-suck goodness. or something...

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The theological implications are staggering twittering.

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MonkeyFilter is awesome and smells good.

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Whoops, busy typing, that was a comment to tellurian's post. Good to hear about ProPublica. I recall listening to some interview where a commentator was talking about news organizations moving towards non-profit models.

Good point, but speaking anthropologically, I think the industry will shape the profession. That's the current impasse. It's true new ideas about the profession, which could be from entrepreneurs or academics, can shape the industry. However, the industry, the institutional momentum (or lack thereof) can be a huge factor. I remember talking about this divide with physicists, not only theoretical and experimental physicists, but those in academia and those working in, say, the energy industry, What I got from this is that the journalistic organization, which can be an industry, is heavily intertwined with the publishing industry. No surprise there. However, in determining excellence and journalistic standards (the ideals of the profession) with a new medium, the main working model of the profession, the "industrial model" if you will, is that of the publishing industry. How much of that organization is legacy and how much is needed to make journalism work online, or in the age of Twitter?

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These were not the type of Go Bots I wanted them to be. With Michael Bay already helming the Transformers franchise, what director would you get to direct a Go bots feature?

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The real question, of course, is what's next?

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