September 03, 2006

When design meets food. People have been concerned with the design of food for quite some time. But usually it's just about making something look good. Now the Dutch tradition of conceptual design is coming to the world of food. Not that it doesn't look nice, though.

August 25, 2006

Kaleidoscopes! Everything about kaleidoscopes. Brief history of the kaleidoscope. A quick faq about kaleidoscopes. How kaleidoscopes work. More on how kaleidoscopes work. more inside

August 03, 2006

The Puerta America Hotel. Make a list of the biggest names in architecture and design. Then let them each design a floor of your hotel. Will it work? more inside

August 01, 2006

Curious George: the longest video? Today is MTV's 25th birthday and they're celebrating by showing the new The Streets video, which, at 20 minutes, apparently is the longest ever. But is it? more inside

July 19, 2006

Suske en Wiske Forget Tintin, for many kids in Belgium and Holland it's all about Suske en Wiske. more inside

March 29, 2006

Geofiction. The recent article about Urville reminded me of the phenomenon of Geofiction, or Geofantasy. These are worlds, not created as backdrops for books or movies, but just for the fun of it. more inside

January 13, 2006

The Evoluon. Today, it's a conference center. But once upon a time it was a magical place, where kids like me could gasp at the wonders of science and see a glimpse of the future. more inside

January 11, 2006

Writers who illustrate This recent post prompted me to go look for one of my old favourites, Dutch SF writer Tais Teng (site in Dutch, but lots of pictures), who illustrates his own work. Does anyone know of other writers who do this? And does it add something or spoil the fun?

January 05, 2006

Saddam's Family The hottest heavy metal band in Iraq.

December 08, 2005

Sinterklaasfood The feast of Sinterklaas is relatively well-known by know. (that blue site recently had their annual Zwarte Piet-hooplah). One small part of that tradition is the getting of chocolate letters, usually the first letter of your firstname. more inside

November 14, 2005

Houses in the shape of cubes (though more interesting than that sounds). The cube houses are an idea of architect Piet Blom. The first to be built were three test houses (Dutch) in the provincial town of Helmond. After that a bigger group were built there, including a whole theater. (Flash, Dutch) more inside