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This is possibly because of my personal lifestyle, but I didn't recognise anyone in that video, not even on a 'that guy from' level. As a result, it seemed incredibly average. I guess a media-saturated context can make quite a difference.

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How about this one?

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Actually, there's a precedent for this from nearly two decades ago: the BMW Z1.

One complaint about cabriolets is often that it reduces the rigidity of the car. I can see that these doors might have some of the same effect. Still, if that is the case, a compromise of leaving the central bar intact and having two smaller versions of these doors instead of regular doors might make this viable.

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The French band Mano Negra once used an old cargo ship to tour South America. Story here, picture there.

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A shop is a winkel and shops are winkels. :)

Actually, it's a verb, it means shopping. HEMA is a very Dutch shop, with a very Dutch design aesthetic. They've slowly started expanding into Belgium, Germany and such in recent years. They have an annual design contest, these are last year's winners. Links in Dutch, so if you don't speak it, you can play Guess the Product. :)

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Seems the place has gone to the dogs.

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Isn't this more like "here's what to watch out for when photoshopping stuff"? We'll have to find new signs to watch out for...

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The kind of thing I was referring to.

I stopped reading when the drama started, since that's even less interesting then a YouTube link, but I'll just add two more cents. I must say I've noticed for myself that whenever I see a YouTube link I'm less motivated to click it then usual. Even when I'm not at work. You do get the feeling that people are blinded by the science of moving pictures and post stuff that even America's Funniest Home Videos wouldn't touch. Would you post lyrics or .wavs of a certain singer/band? No? Then why make a Youtube post about it? On the other hand, you could say that things like lolcats don't deliver that much depth and quality either. I would agree with a sort of quality standard for this. The idea of posting a text link instead when there's one available would seem like a good start. And padding a post with supporting links and context always helps, of course.

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There must be areas where ships can't go and people would want to ship goods cheaply that don't require much speed. Across deserts, maybe?

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Big O! Showtime!

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Reminds me of the Dutch -tje/je endings, meaning little. For example, a little aap (monkey) would be a aapje.

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Here's the Youtube version of that Finnish choir.

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HW: all form, no content, that's what.

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From the department of The Hour cycling trivia: Leontien van Moorsel broke the record when she was menstruating. She said her pain threshold was higher then.

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It feels a bit like we're at the end of an era. The last number of years seem to have been an age of stupidity, with cultural icons like Britney, Xtina, Lindsay, Paris and of course Ralph Wiggum in the white house. Could these visits to rehab and jail be the beginning of the end and the start of something new?

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*hands TUM banana*

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Ca marche!

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