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April 10, 2007

No Statue for You Samantha won't show Serbia her boobs, so now they won't raise a statue in her honour.
Fags eat poop? The still living Fred Phelps, meets the rather lovely Brit Louis Theroux. pt1/7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2fUyJQgRuM more inside

April 09, 2007

60 years ago, Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier. He was Hank Aaron's hero. What would he have thought about today's game? Why is Garret Anderson of the Anaheim Angels refusing to join others in baseball in honoring Robinson?
Sol LeWitt dead at 78.
Outlaws and Highwaymen Nice set of quotes and texts about English robbers, designed to accompany a book but much more than just puff.
Curious George - One of my favorite bookmarks is the Chicago police prostitution patron arrest photos - I usually check it once a week. The mugshots crack me up. Last week I look at the site...What... Hey! I know that guy!... Yep, one of the guys busted for solicitation.... I know him. The thing is... he's a regular customer of mine. Once a week he stops by the shop and buys some antiques. I have yet to see him since I found his pic on the site. The question is... Do I say anything to him about it? He just called me and said he's coming in this wednesday. I'm know going to have a hard time keeping a straight face when he walks in the door.
Girl, You'll Be A Woman, Soon Scans from a 1950's(?) era book on how and why to be a woman. Written by a man, of course. A doctor. via MetaGirlyfilter more inside
Breeder believes big bunnies boiled for Birthday bash
A collection of Gasoline Alley's Autumn Walks. I guess it Sunday funnies Sunday.
Cartoonist Johnny Hart died on Saturday, at home, at his storyboard. Best known for B.C., he was also co-creator of Wizard of Id. .

April 08, 2007

Go for a ride on the Real Estate Roller Coaster. A century of inflation-adjusted U.S. real-estate prices presented as a real life roller coaster ride. ... wherein you will discover, there is something decidedly odd about the last few years....
Your favorite film? I'm looking for awesome films that I may not have seen before. I've seen the tired old AFI Top 100, and IMDB favorites are probably a bit too mainstream. What do you say? What are some of your personal favorites? New ones, oldies, indies, whatever are fine it's all good as long as it's English or English-subtitled.
Chuck Shepherd has just published his News of The Weird weekly column Number One Thousand. That is almost 20 years of weirdness! more inside
Polish witch hunt. "Under the law, which was passed last October and entered into force on 15 March this year, 700,000 Poles are required to confess any collaboration with the communists between 1945 and 1989. All senior civil servants, university professors, lawyers, headmasters and journalists born before 1972 must now confess their past sins by 15 May."

April 07, 2007

Joshua Bell as street musician. The Washington Post sets up a social experiment whereby the famous virtuoso performs anonymously for spare change at a DC metro stop. What happens? Tune in for the exciting conclusion! more inside
Peter Bagge tells us about bums.
Spenser and the Tradition : English Poetry 1579-1830 (via).A bloody enormous database of poetry and criticism charting the influence of Edmund Spenser on the English poetic tradition. more inside
The Outsider Diaries. Piers Morgan is the former editor of the UK's Daily Mirror, sacked for publishing fake photos of Iraqis being abused by British troops. Some might know him as the America's Got Talent judge that made a twelve year old boy cry. more inside
MONKEYS!! We have monkeys. We have bananas. We have ten minutes to waste.

April 06, 2007

Curious George: les ordibqteurs portqvles eb Frqbxe (French laptops) more inside
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