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September 27, 2006

Ping Pong as played in The Matrix Funny and very inventive
Eat a dick! Go eat several, of many different varieties. It's "good for your health".
The Nearest Simile Is Respiration a poem. via Poetry Daily more inside
Baby Toupee: Small wigs for small people.
The New Stitch and a new definition to add to 'embroidery'.
Dinosaur porn. NSFW, unless your boss is cool with a shower of dino spoo. more inside
Extreme Baptist Buck Rodgers in the 21st Century ACTION Possibly the most frightening display of Flash Animation EVER!

September 26, 2006

Cutty Sark Good news for navl history: £25million to improve the display of this fastest of tea cutters, in Greenwich.
How White and Nerdy are you? Yeah, online quizzes like this are poo-pooed around here, but like you don't want to know. Like you don't already know. [via BB]
Some of Hitler's watercolours are up for auction.
Horse Chestnut trees across the south, and increasingly other parts of England, are dying. more inside
Sid Motishead. On Huddersfield One. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE NOT JUST IN SIDS HEAD. Because, y'know, it's probably been awhile.
50 Dark Movies, Hidden in a painting. Flash fun. more inside
Kazakhstan's Borat damage control Kazakhstan has invested $53 million in making a historical epic, Nomad, to counter what it sees as the damage inflicted upon the nation's reputation by Sacha Baron-Cohen's new film Borat: Cultural Leanings of America Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

September 25, 2006

Curious George: Scary ghosts. I guess I'm about 35 days early, but what are the scariest ghosts or hauntings you've encountered in film and literature? more inside
Clinton On "Fox News Sunday" Fox "News" invites Former President Bill Clinton to talk about his recent Global Initiative conference. Very quickly though, the interviewer uses a variant of the Faux News tactic of "some people say" to blame Clinton for 9/11 ("Why didn't you kill Osama? Why didn't you stop this?") It's clear from the record that BushCo dropped the ball on anti-terrorism, but this is Fox's job - to obfuscate the facts and make the far right wing look good. Clinton tells them to STFU. more inside
5-card Nancy more inside
Simpson-tastic All the episodes (well OK up to Season 18 first 2 eps) of our favourite family. Stand by for legalaction! Warning Flash. Clicking in the "X" in the link gives you full screen. Enjoy it while its there!! Also All Futuramas HERE! via dailymotion.com
Sneeze-Free Squee
Ape Grape, Orbit Bars, Cosmic Candy A Flickr set of retro labels from kids' cereals and snacks.
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