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August 10, 2006

The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions. more inside
The Tesla Purple Energy Shield This small device is truly remarkable in every way. Aside from delivering vast quantities of new life force energy to the human body, it brings illumination to the mind and tranquility to the soul. If you've been looking for something to enhance your manifesting skills, retard aging, and delay fatigue, look no further.
A Presidential Bust for Clinton.
Gourds that have been moulded more inside
U.S. Government Educational Colouring Books. more inside
AOL Search Queries as Narrative AOL released a bunch of search query information recently. Interestingly, the information shows you who searched for what and when. AOL Stalker reveals the thoughts of the person stalked. This is one example, but this is my favorite, user 1890315, who goes from country music to incest to knoxville real estate to bestiality to Elvis..... Wait, no, my favorite is this one. AOL Stalker promises to remove entries that identify a user, as if it matters. more inside
Urban Exploration I find sites that document the changing nature of America's greatest city to be fascinating xercises in remembrance. more inside
Rembetika - 99 tracks, 6 cd set of Rembetika like you've never heard before. All the old familiar tunes done with such brilliance,and flair with new sounds and instrumentation, bringing the whole era of the Rembetis back once more. OPA! [MP3!]
It's back. One of three thoroughly smashed earlier this year by a museum regular who was subsequently banned indefinitely for his Norman Wisdom moment has been repaired and is back on display. more inside

August 09, 2006

Picture Postcards. For most art exibitions there is inevitably the picture postcard with a defining piece on it. Have fun browsing this massive archive of them. NSFW. more inside
Curious George- DIY 101 Does anyone have any tips for someone (me) with a budding interest in building stuff? more inside
Citizen journalism vs. traditional journalism. "...the content of most citizen journalism will be familiar to anybody who has ever read a church or community newsletter—it’s heartwarming and it probably adds to the store of good things in the world, but it does not mount the collective challenge to power which the traditional media are supposedly too timid to take up." Do you agree?
We've all heard about toxoplasmosis, a common parasite found in cats (especially if you or your partner has ever been pregnant). Kevin Lafferty, a parasite ecologist, believes the parasite may cause big personality changes in humans. more inside
Well, did he open it or not? Ain't nothing that a good blow with a sledgehammer can't fix.
Some sort of silk spinning larvae that are turning this Norwegian suburb into a Tim Burton/Terry Gilliam type nightmare more inside
Google Goggles This site uses maps from Google Earth and allows you to fly an animated plan around some major cities of the world using the arrow keys. You can even bomb these cities using the spacebar!

August 08, 2006

CuriousGeorge: What happened to phone etiquette? I remember it being usual say "goodbye" at the conclusion of a telephone conversation. more inside
Rum punch A new bar in eastern China is offering customers an unusual outlet for anger - by allowing them to use the staff as punching bags, state media said today.
Amazon Grocery Reviews Via Metafilter more inside
Wank like there's no tomorrow The record, apparently, is seven-and-a-half hours. This must require rigorous training. Go to it, lads and lasses.
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