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June 21, 2006

Connie Chung blows up. WTF?! A bit of mid-week wackiness to make you feel well adjusted. [YouTube] more inside
Curious George: Do any other daily comics do this?...Watch their faces. more inside

June 20, 2006

Big, Bad Bessie with the M-I-L-K Which spells, as you know, WRONG. Quicktime direct link here. more inside
*Which* Ten Commandments? - As the myth relates, Moses smashed the tables of stone, and God said he'd make a new set of tables containing "the words that were on the first" Exodus 34:1. However, the second Ten Commandments in no way resemble the first set. more inside
Bear eats porridge. No news on cross-dressing wolf.
Fliiiiip, Floooop Frank Luntz, author of the "The Environment: A Cleaner Safer, Healthier America" memo that has formed Bush Policy changes his mind. Woopsie. Memo in PDF here :http://www.luntzspeak.com/graphics/LuntzResearch.Memo.pdf more inside
Evangelical evolution. "The mellowing of evangelical Christianity may well be the big American religious story of this decade."
For that special goth in your life: strange doll (the shadow boxes look like something out of Se7en)
Curious George What <i>do</i> I do? Curious George What the heck do I do for a living? more inside
RFX Jr. To Take Another Swat At The Empire Maybe you read the Rolling Stone article that generated 2.5 times as many emails than any other RS story. Now that rascally attorney is taking it a step further. Go RFK! Go! more inside

June 19, 2006

Curious Musical Monkey Filter Famous Scrawls? more inside
SavetheInternet.com is trying to "preserve Network Neutrality, the First Amendment for the Internet that ensures that the Internet remains open to innovation and progress."
Donald Hall Is the NewUS Poet Laureate via stupid smelly GarbageFilter, but, like, I totally thought of it too eh more inside
John Heartfield's photomontage is on show at the Getty. A prominent Dadaist, he changed his name from Helmut Herzfelde as a protest against German nationalism in WWI, and produced a stream of striking anti-Nazi images. More here and here, and a bio plus quotes here.
SUV What happens when you don't design your stretch limo according to the environment you will be using it in?

June 18, 2006

A rather lame attempt... ...to create a new piece of Internet lore, and the swift debunking of it.
Not everyone who gets hit by a drunk driver dies. A very powerful ad.
Modern Movies illustrated in the form of Russian Folktale Woodcuts - or something. You don't need to read Russian, just look at the pictures. You can work out which movies they are. Example within. more inside
Hitler Cats. Does what it says on the tin, as they say.
Move over Chuck Norris. He's coming! YouTube video. via
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