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January 09, 2006

Cook an egg using your mobile phone. Via Metachat.
Rodney Matthews. Roger Dean. Yoshitako Amano. Christos Achilleos. Ian Miller. (science fiction and fantasy illustrators)
Rude place names. Embrace your inner adolescent. See also: Rude food names.
Sweet, Sweet Mouse Revenge. Serves the cruel bastard right.
The Grandiloquent Dictionary: A collection of rare and obscure words in the English language, as well as a few "untranslatables."
Tempbot. A short film with breathtaking CG work by a gentleman named Neill Blomkamp, previously known for the excellent Tetra Vaal short (which uses the same 3D robot model). (Both links Quicktime, embedded) Here, the model is used to superb effect, and I found the entire thing heartbreaking. Bonus points: look for ex-Wonder Woman Lynda Carter as the (inexplicably) VERY lonely neighbor.

January 08, 2006

Curious George: Boycotting What are the most worthwhile companies to boycott? Say company X used baby spines in the process of making their product or services cheaper, so then I'd obviously wouldn't want to support something like that. more inside
Obvious magic The paper cut sculpture of Peter Callesen, each made from a single A4 sheet of paper. Via
Curious George: Wacky Stocks. A stock photo used by The Nation of Islam's Final Call online also appeared in an advert for the American Humanist Association. I'm interested to know if this is a unique phenomenon. more inside
And I missed it. Please tell me someone can find a picture of this guy and any opponent(s) sumo wrestling in Times Square on 12/22.
Out With The Old Drunk, In With The New 'Ask yourself: how many times do I, as a grownup, show up for work after a vacation with a bunch of cuts and bruises on my head? Ask yourself: how many of my friends regularly show up, after a vacation, with lacerations and contusions on their face?' more inside
Dowload Comics Onto Your Ipod. Free. This service covers several comics, with more and more being added. They've good some good comics, from Count Your Sheep, to Joe Loves Crappy Movies.
CG: Raed in the Middle - Call for Compensation Ideas I'm willing to start a project asking for compesation to Iraq. The Project will be based on the UNCC's methodology for compensation, the one Iraq respected and obayed for the last decade in paying compensation to Kuwait. Still waiting for ideas and suggestions on the project. I can be easily reached on jarrar.raed(at)gmail.
The Unnatural Natural The hobo Roy Hobbs. A homeless guy who clouts homers in a softball league somewhere in the heartland. It sounded too good to be true, at first, but baseball is full of things that are too good to be true--baseball itself is too good to be true--and that's one of the things we love about it. Like no other sport, baseball caters to our need for mythology. For pretend. more inside

January 07, 2006

The Sony Reader. The latest attempt at e-book technology. Word is it'll be out later this year for US$300-US$500. The Reader supposedly uses some kind of e-ink which means very high res. Couldn't find numbers though.
Whose Line Is It Anyway? - some of the funnier moments on the American version of the show. more inside
The LEGO Roller Coaster - Some facts about it: • Average scale speed from the top of the elevator to the station is about 65 mph, or 105 kph. • Estimated scale speed at terminal velocity at the bottom of the first hill is 140 mph or 225 kph. • 2 sections of 4.5 volt track was used almost every one section of length, or about 240 sections total (480 rail pieces). more inside
Araucaria Araucana, aka, the Monkey Puzzle. [PDF] more inside
Before there were dashboard CD players there was 16 rpm. You may know it as that setting on old record players that made Peter Frampton sound like Satan. But in 1956 Chevrolet teamed with inventor Peter Goldmark to create the granddaddy of modern car stereos. Unfortunately customers weren't interested in funking it up on the new Interstates, and the gadget was dropped. Except for the government's talking books program, 16 rpm quickly faded into obscurity.
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