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October 18, 2006

Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas, has Fucking Had It with You, Man. Also: Conversations Overheard at the Suburban Neighbourhood Pool, if the Suburban Neighbourhood Pool was in Deadwood.
Santorum Explains Tolkien!
skunked? Curious George: cribbage quandary. more inside

October 17, 2006

Participation Inequality. In most online communities: - 90% of users are lurkers (i.e., read or observe, but don't contribute). - 9% of users contribute from time to time, but other priorities dominate their time. - 1% of users participate a lot and account for most contributions: it can seem as if they don't have lives because they often post just minutes after whatever event they're commenting on occurs. (And 0.1% just steal posts from MetaFilter.)
US Govt using acid during interrogations? Not that we're breaking the law, and even if we are, it's not against the law, and we'll do what we want because these people are 'enemy combatants' so screw you, Geneva convention.
The Defence of Duffers Drift "Now if they had given me a job,...like fighting the Battle of Waterloo, I knew all about that, as I had crammed it up..."
Monkey on your back! Like a ta-da list for someone else, only cuter and with monkeys. via 43 Folders

October 16, 2006

Curious George: Help me choose a font! I'm trying to pick a typeface for paper/PDF documentation to go with a scientific software program I wrote. The non-serif typefaces are a bit hard on the eyes for some of the longer paragraphs, but classic serifs (Garamond/Palatino/etc) look really messy when I write various commands in all-caps. Is there a font that is well-suited to what I'm trying to do? And yeah, besides Comic Sans.
Drivingmenuts Does LA! OK, hide your sisters and break out the bananas! I'm visiting Los Angeles! more inside
Should the library categorize Thus Spake Zarathustra as fiction or non-fiction? The Nietzsche Family Circus pairs a randomized Family Circus cartoon with a randomized Friedrich Nietzsche quote.
A large gallery of pictures of beautiful Iran . This gallery has everything: the art, architecture, people, and the natural beauty of Iran. Also, a nice smaller gallery. Fewer pictures, but a little more commentary from some visitors to Iran. more inside
Curious George curious of local history. What's some local history from your neck of the woods? more inside
Bomb Or Not? - This site helps you improve your bomb detection skills, so that you can become a better inconvenience to travelers Skilled Government Agent.
The (British) National Trust wants to record One Day in History in what it calls the biggest ever blog.
UK university lecturers to be asked to keep eyes open for angry radical students. more inside
The beautification of the Democratic Party. Democrats seem to be fielding an uncommonly high number of uncommonly good-looking candidates... Democratic operatives do not publicly say that they went out of their way this year to recruit candidates with a high hotness quotient. more inside
Rabbit (56.9 MB .mov). "When a boy and girl find an idol in the stomach of a rabbit, great riches follow, but for how long?" Animation by Run Wrake (via MeFi).
Tampon Blowgun! Have a shootout between rival tampon brands, or use it as a fun alternative to paintball. Also popular among blowgun enthusiasts: Paper darts!

October 15, 2006

Paul McCartney the pantihose more inside
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