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September 23, 2005

Beautiful Books: Illustrated The best-looking and most interesting website devoted to beautiful books and illustration I've seen this year. Points out the best in digitized illustration on the Web. Sample excerpt: From Harvard University's Open Collections Program comes Women Working, 1800-1930. It is a huge storehouse - 3,500 books, trade and consumer magazines, vocation pamphlets, photographs and lots more - all digitized in an annoying framed interface....But where else could one learn about the anarchist woman of yesteryear or how to raise chickens? I'd say it has the monkey stamp of quality. You should all take a peek kay.

September 22, 2005

Body Issues, Man-Style Wherein one man spends much money and time too look "better." via Towleroad. more inside
Electro-man and trusty companion The Mighty Jacket have been found, and how far away from gotham... now all he needs to do is learn how to keep the carpet at work from melting under him.
Alice in Wonderland In Carroll's own hand, with his original drawings . . . more inside
Google Maps finds Roman ruins Computer programmer Luca Mori found the remains of an ancient Roman villa when he browsed Google Earth maps showing satellite images of his local area. more inside
Hurricane Rita approaches. Texas Governor Rick Perry has urged people in the storm's way not to leave it too late to try to escape. "Based on planning exercises and analysis, most coastal areas in Texas take 33 hours to fully evacuate. Coastal Texans should not wait until late Thursday or early Friday to leave." The latest official warning from the National Hurricane Center. Landing-point probabilities.
Curious George: Prescription Mistake My wife, who is 22-weeks pregnant, was recently given a prescription for her frequent nasuea and vomiting. The problem is, the pharmacist made a "little" mistake. more inside

September 21, 2005

Bumvertising Callous exploitation, or a genious marketing ploy?
Recruits Sought for Porn Squad! Yes, with everything else domestic and foreign going swimmingly, the POTUS & Co take a page from the Gipper's playbook and seek to criminalize depicting the nasty. Somewhat discussed here, here, here, here, here, *inhale* . . and probably a bunch of other places.
Curious George: collecting books I have a hankering - nay, a veritable yearning - to begin collecting books. I'm wondering if any of the other monkeys are experienced book collectors and what advice, if any, you would impart to a novice who doesn't know anything about books, and the collecting thereof, but loves a good read. more inside
Opera Browser Wiki: Now that Opera is free and more monkeys probly want to try it out, here is the Wiki that gives you the good guts on tweaking and tips on getting the most out of the thing.
Stanford Solar Centre: Folklore In the beginning there was only darkness and people kept bumping into each other. Fox said that people on the other side of the world had plenty of light but were too greedy to share it. Possum went over there to steal a little piece of the light. He found the Sun hanging in a tree, lighting everything up. He took a tiny piece of the Sun and hid it in the fur of his tail. The heat burned the fur off his tail. That is why possums have bald tails.
Self-postFilter: Since I've been hearing some great things about monkeys lately, I figure we deserve a chance to boast about our achievements on MoFi. Self-links permitted (within reason). jacobw has published a book, kamus has an album on iTunes, squidranch helped save an historic burger joint. Tell us about them, please, and what everyone else has done lately?
Curious George: Where should I propose in Chicago? I'm in the area for school, so I've never been to the city. I'm looking for somewhere unique and not too crowded.
Curious George - A Guide to the Military for Dummies Hello all. I am looking for an information resource that can give me as a writer a primer on the military, it's ranks, customs, methodology, etc... more inside
Tuesday Flash Fun Nice little monkey-oriented Flash game by Ferry Halim of Orisinal. Check out the rest of his games at ferryhalim.com. These are remarkable in that they are great time-wasters without huge amounts of violence. Warning: requires Flash. Sorry, Linux-dudes and dudettes.
The Debate on the Smacking Ban which is a law on the books in several countries. Sweden, which has had the law since 1979, has been held as a model by advocates who wish to employ the ban elsewhere- recently in the UK and New Zealand- however, critics feel that Sweden goes too far. more inside

September 20, 2005

Build your own 1902 Wright glider. "People build airplanes for many reasons. We built this one to impress kids." more inside
Curious George: Where is David Yow? I have been looking online for information about as to what David Yow, of Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard fame has been up to lately. more inside
Curious George: Billing and Accounting Software It's time for me to update my company's billing and accounting software, and instead of blindly purchasing upgrades I'd like to see if some of you monkeys have any recommendations. more inside
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