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December 23, 2004

The One Where My Co-Workers Whipped it Out. Janis Hirsch's suit against "Friends" will go to the California Supreme Court. more inside
Merry Christmas America : A Front Yard View of the Holidays. For over 30 years Patoski, who sees holiday decorating as a "transitive form of folk art" has been documenting holiday displays across the U.S. more inside
Hey, scrubber! Expertly plucked eyebrows were raised when it was claimed that the modern British male had started behaving like a woman when it comes to personal grooming. more inside
There's nothing like live local TV. Windows Media video file.
Musical George: Is there a site analogous to rottentomatoes.com, but for CDs? That is, is there a site that summarizes the body of reviews for a given record? Also, feel free to share any other excellent music reference resources.
Pulp Xmas - Ok, I'm probly gonna blow it here, but, fuck, I thought this was funny. Stole it from Boing Boing, which I hate usually because it is an assholish wankety shit-suck-me blog of ego heads with zero talent, but I still thought it funny aside from the poorly dubbed soundtrack. A mash up of Rankin-Bass Rudolf shit avec Pulp Fiction. It requires Quicktime y'all more inside
Priorities, George? How to Spend the Money? In a purely hypothetical question, ahem, suppose you are a monkey with perennial money problems and you've just gotten an unexpected year end bonus? Which of the following options should/would you take in getting rid of this excess cash?(MI) more inside
Taking it from the pony (NSFW). I accidentally found this while searching Google Images for ponies. I've seen hentai before, but it looks like this artist has crafted one of the oddest niches I've ever seen.
"Do you think of America everyday but have no place to express your America? USA101.com will be where your America would start from now on." There's an FAQ (everything from "What should I wear to a dance?" to "Do Americans spank children as a method of discipline?") and don't miss the "Most American Image Contest." I'd like to nominate this for Most Frightening Web Site of 2004.
Excuse me, but didn't your cat die? We’re one step closer to cloning monkeys: Introducing (or rather, re-introducing) Little Nicky. If you really really really love your pet, try Genetic Savings and Clone. Makes a great stocking stuffer. more inside
"I have no idea how you detect the naked," says party councilman Rodriguez. Mexico, which is not an Asian country, has installed a law that bans nudity in private places.
Plagiarizing the Fockers? Compare this review with this review. more inside
Adventurous George Is a Monkey Adventurer You? I can't find the original KoL thread and fear it might be lost to the great purge of '04. more inside
Help solve a photo album mystery Construction workers in Seattle's Rainier Valley neighborhood found an album full of photos documenting 40 years of a woman's life. There's even a name in the album, but she cannot be located in spite of the construction company's efforts. Perhaps you would recognize her?
George W. Bush apparently is wearing a medical device
Treadmilling in the sand traps Introducing SHOT ONLINE, the first MMORPG to model the pulse-pounding excitement of professional golf. more inside
Christmas With The Kranks: Say Peace On Earth and Good Will Toward Men with a "Mission Accomplished" pen, a Santa Bush ornament, some nice infant hatewear or even a Zell Miller thong. Yes, some items are a little, you know, so please think of the children. And yes, they take Visa.
A patent for an invention which automatically detects when a lightbulb is blown, removes it and replaces it. Not explained: How the lightbulb is meant to emit light with an enormous machine completely surrounding it.
"Catcher in the Rye" is catching heat - again Mother objects, deliberation ensues. more inside