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November 02, 2004

SAVE THE BURGER! Hola my little monos, I just wanted to keep you up on my pet project, Irv's Burgers. You might remember that I posted something here a few months ago about the possibility that Irv's, a West Hollywood institution, would be bulldozed and replaced with Peet's Coffee franchise. Well, it's getting harder and harder for them to do so. more inside
Saving Sam. "As the swatches of silver in his coarse black fur confirm, Sam the chimpanzee's youth is far behind him. At 56, he is the Sacramento Zoo's senior resident and is among the oldest chimpanzees in captivity in the country. Time has taken its toll."
The Right way to use Coca-Cola.
FrenchFilter! Koant's newest venture.
Curious George: CD-R reviews. I've spent most of the morning trying to locate a certain review site for CD-R blanks, almost identical to videohelp.com. It is/was an awesome "epinions" of the CD-R world with detailed user reviews on what CD-R products are best and where they are cheapest. I cannot find it due to the results noise in Google. Any ideas here?
Broadsides. In the centuries before there were newspapers and 24-hour news channels, the general public had to rely on street literature to find out what was going on. The most popular form of this for nearly 300 years was 'broadsides' - the tabloids of their day. Sometimes pinned up on walls in houses and ale-houses, these single sheets carried public notices, news, speeches and songs. more inside
Bin Laden: Americans are screwed and they know it... rather disturbing statements released by Al-Jazeera... Does any of this ring true to you?
Curious George: .wav cutter? I need a freeware or (low cost) shareware .wav editor - any ideas? more inside
Now will you remove those signs from your lawns, PLEASE?? more inside
Supermodel paints with people's cremains. (Now there's a sentence I never expected to write.)
But Mom, I don't want to go to the temple... No one we know, I'm sure.
Controversial filmmaker Theo van Gogh shot and stabbed to death in Amsterdam this morning. Prior to the attack, Van Gogh had received threats to his life, especially after the airing of a short film dealing with the status of women in Islamic culture. Ironically, he is also known for a recent film chronicling the events leading up to the last high-profile assassination that shocked the Netherlands: that of controversial politician Pim Fortuyn.
The Pitcairns are one of the most isolated settlements in the world. They lie midway between New Zealand and Peru and were settled famously after the mutiny on the Bounty in 1789. (Photo tour here.) The primary family on Pitcairn is still the Christian family, who claim to be descended from Fletcher Christian. The islands are officially a British colony, but as far as the settlers and their descendants are concerned, they are an independent and self-governing nation. So the three-and-a-half year criminal investigation and subsequent trial of several Pitcairn men for indecent assault and rape has opened up serious issues for the residents and the British Crown. more inside
Already an upset in NH Hart's Location (New Hampshire) beat Dixville Notch in adding up the votes. more inside
Bananaphone makes you insane - You know that song 'bananaphone'? The one that goes round your head til you .. well .. exactly what happens in this FLASH toon. NSFW - sweary words - violence - bananaphone
Musical George: There's this song I keep hearing - it's about avoiding people who come knocking on your door. I think it's from the 70's; its chorus is currently being used in a commercial. The chorus is a one line thing that keeps getting repeated, like, five times, but might not directly relate to the theme of the song. Does anyone have any clue what I'm talking about? more inside
[via viewropa]
The Military-Industrial Complex
Presidential race ends in tie, leaving final result uncertain. In the midst of election irregularities (blamed on the incumbent), results show a deeply divided nation. The challenger, running on a platform of withdrawing troops from Iraq and strengthening foreign relations with Europe, opposed an incumbent government that has put the country on a path away from European alliances and towards stronger ties with Russia. more inside
US stem cells tainted by mouse material. "The stem cell lines available for federally-funded research in the US have characteristics which mean they may never be used for medical treatments in humans, a new study suggests."