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October 24, 2004

Curious George: How do I go about getting out of my lease? (Fiance + Loto) + (4 x Jerk Roommates) = (Fiance + Loto) x Hating Life more inside
O'Reilly Competitor Offers to Buy O'Reilly/Mackris Tapes to Prevent Them From Being Destroyed! A vital action to save history from a permanent cover-up? An abdication of journalistic integrity? A publicity stunt for a show with one-eighth the audience of Bill O's? A major act of snarkiness from a newbie journo-blogger? Or just another reason Olbermann never should've quit doing sports?
This post: CableNewsFilter? PepsiBlueState? SchadenfreudianSlip? JournalisticSharkJump? Or the most important story you'll see on MoFi this weekend?
Curious George: iPod = Airline Doom? You're listening to your iPod on the airplane. They announce that all electronic devices must be turned off for takeoff/landing. Do you turn off your iPod? I mean, seriously, there's no way an iPod could pose any danger to the airplane, right? (Yes, your iTrip broadcaster is safely packed away.)
WTC Rescue Hero Sues Bush and Others under RICO Statute A WTC maintenance worker has filed a RICO lawsuit against the highest levels of the US government's executive branch, asserting they were complicit in the events of 9/11. Wacky conspiracy theory or credible? I'm curious what you Monkeys think.
The World Series starts tonight! more inside

October 23, 2004

Should the "North" secede from the Union? The link is culinary, of course, but the concept is viable in a normative sense. more inside
Fiendish Chinese socks must be stopped. Such, at least, is the conclusion of our wise leaders, who are valiantly combatting the Overseas Sock Threat by capping imports from China. (Link to washingtonpost.com, reg.req., bugmenot is your friend.) more inside
Meet Jack Chick A Catholic writer's encounter with the elusive Jack Chick. more inside
Collect Britain: a 'pre-release web site' from the British Library featuring three on-line exhibitions (I like 'Literary Landscapes') (Flash)
Just a reminder, the LA Meetup is Tomorrow at Barney's Beanery, Santa Monica and La Cieniga in West Hollywood at 3:00pm. more inside
Hanks Makes it Flat. 'nuff said. Guy in an excavator crushes things. more inside
Lake monster Ogopogo may have been filmed - Ogopogo is a rather quaint name given to a creature, or group of creatures, said to inhabit British Columbia's gorgeous Lake Okanagan. Since ancient times the native Salish people reported 'the devil in the lake' they called N'ha-a-itk as a frightening serpentine creature of immense size, and they regarded it with dread. Now given a churlishly 'Nessie-like' tourist appeal, the creature is regarded as mythical, of course, despite many sightings every year by credible witnesses. Skeptics might happily dismiss the legend, except a family has come forward with a remarkable video of something, or several somethings, in the lake which definitely seem to be large, living, and anomalous. more inside
American voter registration fraud clearinghouse. This site contains an late-breaking, organized state-by-state directory of problems that may destabilize the results of the U.S. Presidential election. I have to thank it for giving me something to watch for at my Austin polling station. Any similar sites worth watching?
Treasure Box Some fun Flash weirdness (think the Chasm game illustrated by da Vinci).
October Surprise? About a week to go, thank &deity;. Theresa Nielsen Hayden thinks that Dubya's upcoming weekend trip to his ranch in Texas is really a cover for a trip to pick up Osama. What do we monkeys think?
The Politics of Movie Reviews I was looking up a movie to see tonight, and although I didn't see this one yet, I was a bit shocked, although not entirely surprised, to find that all of the negative reviews resulted from the reviewer's political/moral objections to the subject matter. more inside
Spam as folk art.
The Henry Ford Letterman Top 10 (in association with Casey KAOL)...
The ten most influencial innovations of the past 75 years. Remember this is based on a poll of AOL users which explains Air Conditioning, Penicillin and Personal Computers as the top 3, but Global Positioning #4?!?
Curious George: Torrent site registration I have a problem, I really like this torrent site but they keep my IP Address on the site and I'd really rather not get burned for it. more inside
I, for one, welcome our disembodied rat-neuron overlords Nerve cells taken from a rat's brain and cultivated in a dish learn to fly a flight simulator all by their little selves. more inside
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