May 03, 2005

17 Drawings Matthew F. D. Hemming (aka CheeseburgerBrown, author of the Darth Vader blog) just published a short day-in-the-life story-book based on this article here. Not only can he write, he can draw too!

I'd just like to add that MonkeyFilter has the distinction of being one of the first places that the Internet-phenomenonal Darth Vader blog was posted. Fly! Fly, my little meme-spreaders! Muhahaha!

  • Where do I sign up for a life like that? Nice. Lots of bananary goodness six.oh.six. Do you write the Darth Vader blogs?
  • Nope, this is not a self-link. I am not MFDH. That said, MFDH is an Internet-friend of mine, so that's why I always have the jump on his latest projects.
  • Some readers will recognise him from kuro5hin.
  • How do you track internet memes?
  • How do you track internet memes? Vewy vewy quietly.
  • Out of the various technologies out there to track Internet memes I prefer Technorati. Daypop is okay, but Popdex is teh suck. Blogdex sometimes reports some pretty weird findings (they got da funky algorithm in da house), but the results are still useful. And of course Google doesn't lie. Yet. P.S. Thanks for the post, 606! Love, Matthew Frederick Dvais Hemming a.k.a "CheeseburgerBrown"