April 20, 2005

Darth Vader's got a blog Because even dark lords of the Sith have their bad days.
  • "I will say this for being a tyrannical dark overlord: you get great service at restaurants." this is good.
  • Typical day at work. Rebel Alliance remains at large. thanks, six.oh.six!
  • Writer knows his material. However, more product would be nice. I hope he/she keeps it up. Very amusing. /low bass rumble
  • Wow. What a lonely pursuit.
  • This is cool, it's like we can really relate to him. I mean, who hasn't wanted to crush someone's trachea with their minds?
  • You know, I never thought of Darth as such a wordy guy. Always seemed more the strong, silent type. I guess the Internet can make even Darth a loquacious person.
  • Darth Sidious has a blog, too. Complete with the inevitable "What's on my iPod?" list, and griping about how people never return things you loan out to them. Genius!
  • Saw Darth's Blog on CNET a few days ago ... and showed up on Slashdot today - the Dark Lord gets around (who I bet likes cheeseburgers ;-) with his excellent writing.